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'Arrogant sociopath threatening the country': what the scandalous book of his niece told about Trump


Donald Trump's niece, Mary Trump, sharply criticized the president in her future book, accusing him of being a “sociopath,” and claiming that Trump’s “arrogance and deliberate ignorance” threaten the country, writes CNN.

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Mary Trump's book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the Most Dangerous Person in the World, accuses Donald Trump's father of creating a poisonous family dynamic that best explains how the president works today. Mary Trump, whose father, Freddie Trump, died after fighting alcoholism, writes that she could not "be silent anymore."

“Donald, following my grandfather's instructions and with the complicity, silence and inaction of his brothers and sisters, destroyed my father. I cannot let him destroy my country, ”wrote Mary Trump in a book that CNN received a copy of.

Mary Trump writes that part of the book is based on her own memories, and she reconstructed some of the dialogs in parts, based on what family members and other people told her, as well as legal documents, bank statements, tax returns, and other documents.

Mary Trump's book is the second story in months to cast a shadow on the president's image, like book of former national security adviser John Boltoncaused an unsuccessful legal campaign to stop publishing. Mary Trump's book does not contain Trump's explosive accusations because of his work in the Oval Office, such as with Bolton, but adds detailed information to the portrait of how Trump became a self-proclaimed real estate tycoon and celebrity in the media, and then nominated for presidents, mainly thanks to financial injections and the support of his father.

White House Deputy Spokeswoman Sarah Matthews said the book "clearly meets the author’s own financial interests."

“President Trump has held this position for over three years, working on behalf of the American people - why talk about it now? The President describes the warm relationship he had with his father and says that his father was very kind to him. The father was loving and not at all tough on him as a child, ”said Matthews.

The book comes out during the difficult time of Trump's presidency, when he struggles to contain the coronavirus pandemic and leads a country suffering from systemic racism. He also lags behind his Democratic rival Joe Biden in recent polls.

Mary Trump, a licensed clinical psychologist, offers her perspective on Trump's actions in the White House. She accuses him of "a clear manifestation of sociopathic disregard for human life" during the coronavirus pandemic - and also tells how Trump has dealt with his father's struggle with alcoholism, dysfunctional relationships, and family problems throughout his business career. She writes that Trump's father, Fred Trump, "destroyed his eldest son," Freddie Trump, Mary's father and the president's brother.

“The only reason Donald escaped the same fate is because his personality served his father’s plan. This is what sociopaths do: they use others for their own ends - ruthlessly and effectively, without tolerating dissent or resistance, ”writes Mary Trump.

She elaborates on how she sees Trump, comparing him to a three-year-old, saying that he “knows he was never loved” and arguing that “Trump's ego is a fragile thing that needs to be sustained every moment because deep down he knows that he is not anything he tries to be. ”

She claimed that Trump even paid someone to pass entrance exams for him at the University of Pennsylvania. Trump "was worried that his GPA, which was far from the top scores of other students, would nullify his efforts to gain recognition."

Mary writes that he chose “a smart child with a good reputation in passing exams to pass the SAT for him,” adding that the test person received compensation for this effort.

“Donald, who was always short of funds, paid his buddy well,” writes Mary Trump.

Trump originally studied at Fordham University in New York, and then moved to the University of Wharton Penn.

Matthews said in a statement that the statement about the exams was "absurd" and "completely false."

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“It may be helpful to have a close relative in court”

Mary Trump says that at first she did not take her uncle's candidacy seriously and did not think that Donald Trump is also serious.

“He's a clown,” my Aunt Marianne said during one of our regular dinners. “It will never happen,” wrote Mary Trump.

During the campaign, Mary Trump says her aunt, former federal judge Marianne Trump Barry, accused Donald Trump of using Freddy Trump’s death “for political purposes” to solve the opioid problem.

Mary Trump also claims that Donald Trump helped his sister get an open seat in the US District Court in New Jersey through her friend and lawyer Roy Cohn.

“Marianne thought it would be great, and Donald thought it would be helpful to have a close relative in a state court in which he planned to do big business,” she writes. "Cohn called Attorney General Ed Meese and Marianne was appointed in September and confirmed in October."

Mary Trump also noted in the book that her aunt Marianne insisted that she deserved this place herself.

CNN turned to Trump Barry representatives for comment. According to the publication, Trump Barry has not made a decision in any case directly related to the Trump Organization or her family. After serving in the county court in 1999, President Bill Clinton promoted her to a federal appeals court. In 2018, the judiciary investigated whether it violated the rules of conduct for judges related to financial transactions in the 1980s and 1990s. She retired in 2019, ending the investigation before she came to any conclusions.

"Undermine the enemy"

Trump's niece describes what she says is the psychological influence that Fred Trump, the president’s father, had over his children, especially Freddy and Donald. She writes that lying to please and appease their father was a “way of life,” and Donald, in fact, watched his older brother Fred not adapt and become his father’s beloved son.

Freddie made a short and turbulent career as a TWA pilot in the early 1960s, shortly before Mary's birth. This happened after Freddy left Trump's company and did not become the heir to the family business. Mary writes that Fred viewed his son’s decision to leave Trump Management to become a pilot as “a betrayal, and he was not going to let his eldest son forget about it.”

According to Mary Trump, Freddie’s difficult relationship with their father opened up the opportunity that Donald saw and took advantage of it.

“Whether Donald understood the main idea or not, Fred understood: in the family, as in life, there could be only one winner; everyone else had to lose, ”she writes.

The tumultuous relationship that she describes between Fred and Freddy Trump seems to repeat the tales of how Donald, Freddie's younger brother, expected eternal devotion from those around him and sought control over the lives and decisions of these people.

Freddie, Mary writes, told friends about the “constant abuse” he received from his father after becoming a pilot.

“Donald may not have understood the origins of his father's contempt for Freddie and his decision to become a professional pilot, but he had the unmistakable bull instinct to find the most effective way to undermine the enemy,” writes Mary Trump.

She also traced some aspects of Donald Trump's current behavior in his childhood.

“Donald began to realize that he couldn’t do anything wrong, so he stopped trying to do something“ right ”. He became bolder and more aggressive because he was rarely challenged or prosecuted by the only person in the world that mattered - his father, ”writes Mary.

Mary Trump described her father's death from a heart attack at the age of 42 as a sad episode that illustrated the dysfunctional family dynamics of her grandfather and uncle. Despite long-standing financial ties with nearby hospitals, including the whole wing named after the Trump family at Jamaica Hospital, no one offered medical care to her father, who had been suffering from alcoholism and heart disease for several weeks in their family home.

“One phone call would guarantee the best treatment for their son in any institution. There was no call, ”she writes.

"The master of the universe"

Mary Trump talks about how the president took a prominent position in real estate in New York, mainly thanks to the financial and backstage support of Fred Trump, which, she said, was necessary to compensate for Donald's shortcomings.

At the same time, she talks about Trump's apparent disinterest in her father’s condition, the treatment of his depression and alcoholism, which she describes as partly caused by her grandfather’s decision to make Donald instead of Freddy with his right hand and successor.

Mary Trump mentions the support that Donald received from his father as critical for his attempts to create a brand for himself as a “master of the universe” with supernatural abilities in business.

“His consolation in portraying this image, along with his father’s favor and the material security that his father’s wealth provided him, gave him the undeserved confidence that he could accomplish what even at first was a charade: to sell himself not just as a wealthy playboy, but as a brilliant self-made businessman, she writes. "In those early years, this expensive undertaking was my grandfather's secret fun and passion."

As she tracks Donald’s growth in his father’s company, she also identifies some of the origins of his current behavior, be it dishonesty or lack of empathy. She refers to counsel Cohn, who served on Senator Joseph McCarthy’s committee investigating alleged U.S. communist activities.

“Fred also encouraged Donald to attract people like Kon, as he would later be close to authoritarian figures like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un, or anyone else, willingly to flatter and power to enrich him,” writes it.

According to her, Mary Trump believed that Trump's father helped create who the president became, creating a false impression of success, supporting many unsuccessful attempts.

“Donald was to my grandfather what the border wall is to Donald: a vanity project funded by more worthy pursuits,” she writes.

The battle for the will of Fred Trump

Mary Trump says she was stripped of her grandfather Fred’s will as a result of her father’s death, which caused a lengthy lawsuit. She writes that Robert Trump, her uncle and younger brother Donald Trump, explained to her that she was excluded because her father died from alcoholism and was not going to inherit a share of the fortune. Grandfather also hated mother Mary Trump.

Because of these disputes, Mary Trump and her brother sued the Trump family, reaching a settlement that included a non-disclosure agreement signed in the process of working on the book.

Mary Trump also accused Donald Trump of trying to “steal huge sums of money from his brothers and sisters,” secretly trying to change the will of his sick father to take his brothers and sisters out of the control zone of the family.

According to the book, after Marianne Trump Barry and her husband talked to a lawyer, the will of the Trump family patriarch was rewritten so that four siblings, including Donald, had power over the property and received equal amounts.

“Several years later, Marianne said, 'We would be penniless. Elizabeth would beg on a street corner. We would have to ask Donald if we wanted a cup of coffee. " It was “pure luck” that they stopped the scheme, ”writes Mary Trump.

The book also provides other colorful insights into the dynamics of the Trump family, such as describing the Christmas gifts she received from Donald and Ivana. Mary writes that she was once given three packs of Bloomingdales lingerie. Another year, she was presented with a clearly overdone basket of crackers, sardines, and salami - imprinted on cellophane wrap, containing a jar of caviar.

The legal battle for the publication of the book

Mary Trump's book will be published in Simon & Schuster on July 14, two weeks earlier, amid strong demand following a trial over its release. According to the court's statement, the publisher has already printed 75 copies of the book.

After the book was released last month, President Trump's younger brother sued to block its publication. Robert Trump briefly won the injunction against Mary Trump and the publisher in the New York State Supreme Court, but the appeals court overturned the temporary restraining order against the publisher the next day.

There is still a restraining order for Mary Trump, so she cannot comment on the book in public.

Her spokeswoman, Chris Bastardi, said: "The fact that the incumbent is trying to bind the hands of a private citizen is only the last in a series of his disturbing actions."

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