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'You are a damned liar': Biden quarreled with voters over the question of Ukraine

Former US Vice President Joe Biden quarreled with a voter over the issue of his son Hunter's job with Burisma, a Ukrainian company.

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During a meeting with voters in Iowa, one of those present accused Biden of having placed his son Hunter “in the Ukrainian gas company, although he did not have the proper experience.” According to the voter, Biden simply "traded" his position.

The man focused on Biden's age, apparently hinting that a democrat should not fight for the presidency.

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The former vice president and candidate for Democratic nomination reacted sharply to voter accusations.

“You damned liar, it's not true ... no one ever said that, no one proved it,” snapped Biden.

In addition, Biden called the man "too fat" and offered to compete in push-ups or pass the IQ test.

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“You think I expected you to vote for me?” You are too old to vote for me, ”Biden said.

The skirmish ended with the voter publicly declining his refusal to vote for Biden.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • Biden’s corruption ties in Ukraine not only led to the dismissal of the country's prosecutor general, but could also be part of the formation of the idea of ​​Donald Trump’s ties with Russia, which resulted in a lengthy and costly investigation - it ultimately came to the conclusion that there was no conspiracy. Read more about the transactions of Biden’s son in Ukraine and his father’s schemes. link.
  • After electing a new president of Ukraine, Trump Rudy’s personal lawyer Giuliani intended to visit Kievto discuss the investigation of Ukraine’s involvement in the trumping campaign and the interference of Ukrainian officials in the US presidential election on the side of the Democrats.
  • However, shortly after planning a trip, Giuliani announced that canceled visit due to “trump's enemies” surrounded by Zelensky.
  • Team elected President of Ukraine stated that Giuliani “misled”, and blamed the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko for this.
  • Earlier, Giuliani has repeatedly stated that the origins of the idea of ​​Trump's conspiracy with Russia, which eventually turned out to be fake, may be in Ukraine. And in the process of creating this idea, not the last role was played by the administration of Barack Obama and personally by the Vice-President Joe Biden, who tried to cover up his son's corruption equipment in Ukraine.
  • Despite the fact that the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies have collected a large amount of information about violations and corruption of democrats, US investigative agencies have not yet shown interest in this data.

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