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Second round of coronavirus relief: who will be eligible for money

Are you eligible for a second coronavirus relief check? How income, marital status, number of dependents, and citizenship can affect the ability to receive money from the IRS, the publication found CNet.

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On Monday, July 27, the Senate will decide on the second financial aid package in connection with the coronavirus. It is known that the Senate plans to include a second round of federal aid in connection with the coronavirus, which will be paid in August, but it is not yet known how much money will be received in general and who is eligible for this assistance.

Head of the Department of Finance Steven Mnuchin said: “The President wants us to send money quickly and in August people will receivewhether them ".

But the question is, who will receive this money and what requirements will be presented to the recipients? It will be part of the debate next week. It is unknown if the new law will follow the guidelines in line with CARES, but this is one option.

While the Senate has announced a desire to tighten income requirements (which will result in far fewer people getting the check), the Democratic-led House of Representatives wants more people in need to meet the requirements.

The House of Representatives and Senate will take into account age, citizenship, annual taxable income, marital status, and number of dependents. What else you need to know.

Can More People Get A Second Aid Check

According to the Heroes law, which was proposed by the House of Representatives in mid-May and criticized by the Republicans, the second paycheck can be claimed by:

  • individuals who received less than $ 99 on their 000 or 2018 tax return (whichever is later filed)
  • college students, dependents over 17, disabled relatives and taxpayer parents
  • families up to five people
  • recipients of disability benefits (SSDI)
  • Non-US citizens who file tax returns, pay taxes - that is, they comply with federal tax laws with an individual taxpayer identification number instead of a social security number.
Will Congress narrow down the requirements for recipients in the second round

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested that if the Republican-controlled Senate passed yet another bailout bill, the recipient circle would narrow. However, Mnuchin said recently that the Senate is considering the same payment structure as in the case of the CARES law.

On the subject: Second round of help with coronavirus: who and how much can get

“Our proposal is exactly the same as last time,” explained Mnuchin.

Based on these conflicting information, we can talk about who is not destined to receive a second check. Among them:

People who make "too much" money: income limits are likely to become much stricter. You may need a lower Maximum Annual Income (AGI on tax form) to qualify for federal coronavirus assistance.

Consequently, people who earn more than a certain amount can potentially be excluded from the second round.

Exceptions to the first CARES law: young people between the ages of 18 and 24, those who are not US citizens who pay taxes, and people in prison.

Who didn't receive federal aid in the first round:

  • taxpayers with income over $ 99 per year
  • heads of households with income over $ 136 per year
  • married couples with an income exceeding $ 198 per year
  • children over 16 and college students under 24
  • non-resident aliens
Income cap: $ 40 cap discussed

It is possible that the next round of payments will be held exclusively for those who earn less than $ 40 a year. The estimated income limit, not yet officially approved, was taken from a speech by Stephen McConnell, who said: "In my opinion, those who earn less than $ 000 a year are hardest hit."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi questioned McConnell's proposed salary limit. “I don’t know where this $ 40 came from,” she said. - I think families who earn over $ 000 also need help. It all depends on the situation. "

This figure does not apply to all US states. For example, in San Francisco, California, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development defines "very low income limits" of $ 60 for a single person and $ 900 for a family of four.

When Congress finalizes claims for payment

When the Senate submits its proposal, negotiations with the House of Representatives will begin. Once the deal is concluded, the incentive bill will not go into effect until the president signs it.

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