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Rebirth: a hunch forced the Russian woman to hand over tickets for the fateful Aeroflot flight

A resident of the Murmansk region, Alena Medvedeva, who was supposed to fly on an airplane burned in Sheremetyevo, told RIA News about the premonition that saved her life.

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Alena works in the authorities of the Murmansk region, she and her daughter flew to Belgorod to their parents and was going to return home on May 5.

“I was supposed to be on this flight. But I had a premonition, even when I took the ticket, that I would not return on the fifth and I would be able to grab three days on account of my vacation. The chef allowed, and I changed the ticket, ”Medvedeva said, adding that she had lost money during the exchange, but still did not change her mind.

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According to her, to the last she doubted whether to return to Murmansk.

“Yesterday we were at the zoo, we are returning with the child, mom opens the door and this is all she says. Parents are shocked, of course, everyone is shocked. Everyone calls, they are interested, ”the girl told the publication

She learned about the disaster from her parents and followed the news until nightfall. “When by midnight it became known about 41 dead, we realized the scale of the tragedy. We are shocked: there are familiar names in the list of the dead and survivors, it's scary, ”Alena said.

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Previously, ForumDaily wrote:

  • Aeroflot's Sukhoi Superjet 100, en route from Moscow to Murmansk, urgently returned to Sheremetyevo on May 5 in the evening and made a hard landing after 28 minutes of flight.
  • When landing, he broke down the landing gear and caught fire engines. According to the latest data of the Investigative Committee, as a result of the disaster perished 41 people. Among them was an American.
  • Officials said that 78 survived 37 people: four crew members of five and 33 passengers.
  • This is the first fatal accident for Aeroflot since 2008, when a Boeing 737 crashed in Perm.
  • Kommersant, citing a source in the aviation industry, reports that earlier the burned plane had only one serious technical accident. In January 2018, during the descent, his flaps did not go out, but the plane then landed safely.

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