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All for a penny: as in the United States are sales estate sale

In the US, and especially on the west coast, it is very popular to arrange home sales of personal items, clothes, furniture and other household utensils. After all, to get rid of excess rubbish, it is not necessary to attribute it to the trash - almost any things in a more or less suitable condition can either be distributed to the needy, or arrange a garage sale, writes Olga Khristoforova in your blog Holaolly.

The queue of those who want to profit on the next sale of the estate sale. Photo author

The biggest sales have to arrange the heirs, when one of their relatives suddenly goes into another world, and everything that has been acquired over the years remains in this world. Since real estate in the United States is not cheap, relatives of the deceased are trying to free it and sell it as soon as possible. To help them come companies specializing in such sales. estate sale.

For several days, employees of these companies gutted cabinets and mezzanines, taking everything into the light of day - from old wedding dresses to family silver. For the convenience of buyers, the price tag is glued to each item, and information about the upcoming sale is posted on a special website. Estate finder.

At estate sale sales, sometimes you can find unique antique furniture and interior items. Photo author

Every Saturday and Sunday in the city can take place until 15 such estate sale, where not only antique shop owners and antique collectors come, but also those who just want to profit. And on the last day of the sale (as a rule, this is Sunday), you can count on at least 50% discount, and it happens that they distribute the unsold gift at all.

Photo by the author

When I first appeared at such a sale, I somehow became confused in the beginning. On the one hand, it was interesting to go to someone else’s house and how to look at everything there, but it’s sad. Immediately I imagined how that grandmother probably loved her collection of porcelain dogs, the antique coffee set and the worn velvet chair on graceful legs. And now strangers were walking around the house, trampling her oriental carpet in the living room and asking for a sofa. Yielding to this sadness, longing, I left this treasure chest empty-handed. Although as a trophy you could carry out vintage glasses made of Bohemian crystal for $ 2 apiece (I still bite my elbows).

Photo by the author

The next time I was much more pragmatic. Especially when among the pots and kettles on the kitchen table I saw HIM - planetary mixer Kitchen Aid. I would never allow myself to buy a new one, because it costs about how a used domestic car. And then this Mercedes Benz among the mixers, but what really is there - this icon of the kitchen style, sold for $ 35. There is no time for reflection in the style of “everything is perishable in this world.” Here, even I was not taken aback.

Photo by the author

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