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For the first time in history: Trump met with Kim Jong-un in North Korea. Photo and video

US President Donald Trump met with DPRK leader Kim Jong-un in the demilitarized zone on the border of South and North Korea, writes BBC Russian Service.

Photo: Twitter TheBlueHouseKR

The meeting of the leaders of the two countries in this place took place for the first time in history. Trump also became the first US president to visit North Korea.

“Nice to see you again,” Trump said to Kim Jong-un at the beginning of the meeting. The meeting was originally expected to be short and limited to a handshake and a little dialogue.

After the handshake, Donald Trump crossed the demarcation line and found himself on the territory of the DPRK.

He took a few steps, after which both leaders shook hands again and moved to the south side of the demilitarized zone.

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During a conversation with reporters, Trump said that the symbolic border crossing was "a huge honor" for him.

“President Trump just crossed the demarcation line, making him the first US president to visit us. This expresses his desire to work towards a better future, ”said Kim Jong-un.

After a short conversation and communication with journalists, the presidents went to the building for negotiations - the so-called House of Freedom - and continued the meeting there. After a while, journalists were launched into the building.

“I want to thank him. If after I posted the invitation on social networks, he did not appear, the press would have put me in a very bad light, ”- said Trump.

After the meeting, Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae Ying escorted Kim Jong Un to the demarcation line.

Photo: Twitter TheBlueHouseKR

Photo: Twitter TheBlueHouseKR

Photo: Twitter TheBlueHouseKR

Photo: Twitter TheBlueHouseKR

Two minutes is enough

Until the last moment, the very fact of the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un was in question.

Trump tweeted about plans to meet with the head of the DPRK in anticipation of his visit to South Korea. Initially, it was reported that the purpose of the visit was to rescue the stalled negotiations with North Korea on denuclearization.
Already at the G-XNUMX summit in Osaka, Japan, the US President clarified the meaning of his tweet and announced that he had decided to “throw the bait” towards Kim Jong-un.

“If he hears, we will meet in two minutes - and that will be enough,” Trump told reporters.

On Saturday, the White House announced Trump's work schedule, where 15 minutes were allocated to visit the North-South Korea zone. There were no talks in the graphics.

On Sunday, Trump arrived at the Panmunjom Frontier Point by helicopter, after which he climbed to the observation deck of the observation post and inspected the DPRK positions along with South Korean President Moon Jae-Yin.

Photo: Twitter TheBlueHouseKR

Photo: Twitter TheBlueHouseKR

Photo: Twitter TheBlueHouseKR

The meeting with the North Korean leader, which took place after that, was the third meeting of Trump and Kim Jong-un. The first ever US-DPRK summit was held in 2018, in Singapore.

Then Trump and Kim Jong-un signed a joint document in which Pyongyang undertook to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula in exchange for guarantees of security from Washington.

The demilitarized zone, where the two leaders met, is a narrow strip of territory along the border of the DPRK and South Korea, which no current US president has visited before Trump.

What is the state of relations between the USA and North Korea?

Bilateral relations have deteriorated since Trump and Kim last saw each other in person in Vietnamese Hanoi in February of this year.

The summit - the second in a row after Singapore in June 2018 - ended abruptly without agreement on North Korea's progress towards denuclearization. Trump left the negotiations, avoiding concluding what the politician considered a bad deal.

Previously, the US president has repeatedly insisted that Pyongyang must conduct nuclear disarmament before economic sanctions against North Korea are lifted.

During the time since the Hanoi meeting, the DPRK has more than once risked incurring the wrath of the Trump administration after regular tests of short-range missiles.

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However, the head of state, who once threatened North Korea with US “fire and fury”, has taken a more conciliatory stance in recent months and has spoken rather warmly of Kim Jong-un.

Last week, beginning June 17, he sent the DPRK leader a personal letter, the content of which Kim himself described as "excellent."

Earlier in June, Trump told reporters that North Korea under the rule of Kim Jong-un has "tremendous potential."
During a visit to Japan in May, Trump called Kim “a very smart guy” and said he was waiting for “lots of good news” from North Korea.

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