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Fatal infection outbreak in 11 states: FDA discourages eating onions

Do you have onions in your kitchen? Of course there is, like everyone else. And now a question for filling: from which farm or from which distributor did you get this onion? If you cannot answer this question, rather get rid of the product, recommends Lifehacker with reference to the FDA.

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced on July 31 that the salmonellosis outbreak in red onions had been traced back to one “likely source”: California supplier Thomson International Inc.

If you remember the reviews of romaine salads in 2018 and 2019, the next part will sound familiar: throw away the red, yellow, white, or sweet onions if you are not sure that they were definitely not from Thomson International in your home. So far, the salmonellosis outbreak has caused people to fall ill in 11 states.

So if you've grown your onions yourself, or if your grocery store says it's a Pennsylvania onion, or if your onion still has a sticker on it and says where it came from, you can keep it. In all other cases, the FDA recommends throwing it away for your safety.

On the subject: Hundreds of cases: an outbreak of salmonellosis recorded in 23 US states

Salmonella dies during prolonged cooking, so if you have already eaten the onion and it was cooked, most likely nothing will happen. But it's worth remembering that we usually don't treat onions the way we do raw meat when trying to avoid cross-contamination. Therefore, if you have a suspicious bow, send it to the trash can. Definitely don't eat it raw, even if you're sure you've already done it and nothing happened.

Salmonellosis sometimes manifests itself several hours after ingestion of contaminated food - the CDC mentions an incubation period of 6 to 72 hours. If you think you are sick, the CDC recommends that you seek medical attention and write down everything you remember from the foods you ate before symptoms appeared. You or your doctor should report your case to your local health department and they may call you to ask what you ate during the week before you got sick. This process helps you figure out how the outbreak is spreading, and your responses can help prevent others from infecting others.

In the U.S. salmonellosis outbreak salmonella

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