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All professions are important: why in the USA many people choose to work as a cleaner and do not want to sit in the office

Hard work can be called an American national idea. Here, in contrast to the post-Soviet countries, there is no cult of sitting in the office and business suits. The ability to earn a living and the desire to develop is held in high esteem. Our immigrants are usually ready to work, but the language barrier and lack of experience prevent them from finding stable jobs with good salaries.

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The company Building Cleaning Services they say that immigrants should start with the profession of a cleaner: it can be quickly mastered by those who did not have experience in this area, the salary is good, and the level of English needs a minimum. Besides, it is stable work all year round. People need cleaning both in winter and in summer, so the cleaners always have the same busy schedule, which means high pay. In addition, Building Cleaning Services makes sure that the work is organized in a comfortable environment, and will never send its employees to clean in the cold or under the scorching sun.

How to become a building cleaner in the USA

By means of Building Cleaning Services Anyone living in America who wants to work in this area can become a cleaner in the USA. You can discuss employment opportunities by phone +1 309 287 5456 (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber) or via contact form on the site.

In addition to the obvious advantages, the cleaning profession in the United States has a number of advantages that many do not think about.


No matter how clean the owners of a store or office are, it is still necessary to periodically clean up there, and this requires people. So no matter what happens in the economy, commercial cleaners always have jobs. Since self-cleaning buildings are not expected in the foreseeable future, but population growth is expected, it can be expected that this profession will remain in demand in the coming decades.

According to forecasts Bureau of Labor StatisticsThe demand for cleaners in the United States will grow by 4% from 2019 to 2029, which means that another 105 jobs in this industry will open.

Scrubber Tennant 5680 used by Building Cleaning Services employees. Photo courtesy of the company

Opportunity to develop

Working conditions in Building Cleaning Services allow you to independently adjust your workload and schedule. Mostly you need to work in the morning or evening, sometimes at night. And you can spend your free time on getting an education and improving the English language. You make good money, you regulate your workload yourself, and at the same time you can also study or earn money, because the main part of your day is free.

Working on Building Cleaning Services, you can earn from 1 to 000 dollars a month - it all depends on the desired load, since the payment is hourly. Payment of wages is made every 4 days.

The company deals with different types of cleaning (shops, offices, warehouses), so you can choose what is more convenient and interesting for you.

Health and safety

In the cleaning industry, you can learn a lot about how to keep your home clean and safe. Understanding the principles of proper cleaning, as well as the rules for choosing cleaning agents, will effectively protect your home from bacteria, viruses and other harmful contaminants that people in other professions often do not know how to deal with. Regardless of whether you decide to develop in this area or move into another, the skill of doing the right cleaning will be useful in maintaining your health and comfort.

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Reserve for the future

В Building Cleaning Services support their employees and are ready to advise them around the clock. However, cleaning is such a thing where there can be surprises, often you need to understand the situation on the spot, looking at the size of the building and the conditions in it. Therefore, experience in this area will teach you to make decisions quickly, respond quickly to problems and look for the most effective way out of the situation. These skills are now in trend in the US labor market - proactive and independent are needed almost everywhere. Therefore, working as a cleaner can be considered a reserve for the future, regardless of where you want to pursue a career.

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