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All US residents vaccinated against coronavirus will receive vaccination cards

The US Department of Defense has published the first images of the COVID-19 vaccination card and vaccination kits, writes CNN.

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Vaccination cards will be used as the “easiest” way to track COVID-19 vaccinations, said Dr. Kelly Moore, deputy director of the Immunization Action Coalition, which supports vaccination of first-line workers in the fight against coronavirus.

“Everyone will be given a card that they can put in their wallet, which will indicate that they have already been vaccinated and when the next dose is due,” Moore said. - Let's do a simple thing first. Everyone will receive the card. "

You can see what this card looks like at U.S. Department of Defense website.

Clinics will report to state immunization registries what vaccine was given so that, for example, the organization can fulfill a request if it did not know where the patient received the first dose.

Moore noted that many institutions are planning to ask patients to voluntarily provide a mobile phone number so that they can receive a text message about when and where the next dose is planned.

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Each dose administered will be reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said Claire Hannan, executive director of the Association of Immunization Managers.

The CDC did not respond to CNN's request whether such a database would include records of all vaccinated.

Vaccination kits include a card, needle and syringe, alcohol wipes and a mask. 100 million kits have already been produced, ready to go when the coronavirus vaccine begins to spread, said General Gustav Perna, chief operating officer of the state-run operation to combat coronavirus Warp Speed.

Two companies, Pfizer and Moderna, are awaiting an Emergency Vaccine Authorization (EUA) in the United States. A panel with the US Food and Drug Administration is expected to discuss the approval on December 10 and 17.

If Pfizer and Moderna receive approval, the first vaccine shipments could begin on December 15 and 22, respectively, according to a document issued by the federal government as part of Operation Warp Speed.

Initial U.S. supplies will be limited and the general population will not have access to vaccines until 2021. The CDC team has recommended starting vaccinations with healthcare and long-term care workers.

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By February, 100 million Americans could be vaccinated against the coronavirus, Operation Warp Speed ​​chief advisor Moncef Sloughi said Wednesday.

US officials said that if both Pfizer and Moderna receive FDA approval for emergency use in December, they will be able to dispense 40 million doses of the vaccine by the end of the month. Each vaccine requires two doses. This is enough to fully vaccinate 20 million people.

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