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All about Halloween: traditions, fashionable images and sweets that everyone will like

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Halloween, or the eve of All Saints Day in America, is a holiday no less ambitious and colorful than Christmas. Americans decorate houses ahead of time and arrange carnival parties. The attributes of Halloween, which is celebrated on October 31, are pumpkin, candles and everything that is somehow connected with the other world: skulls, skeletons, zombies, ghosts. It is believed that on this day the souls of the dead return to the earth to collect donations in the form of food, and they should be comfortable among such decorations.

Scary sweet holiday

What kind of Halloween goes without bags of candy? Yes, yes, sweets on this day are measured in small, but still bags. There is no need to take less, otherwise the sweets will end at the most inopportune moment when you have a mighty handful of children dressed in costumes on your doorstep. And for non-compliance with the requirements of the children "Trick or Treat"(" A treat or a curse ") you can smear the door with toothpaste or soot, turn over trash cans or scare you. That's how they are - Halloween pranksters!

Many Russian-speaking people in the first years after moving to the United States are suspicious of Halloween. However, three or four years pass - and now the former skeptics themselves happily put on the costumes of skeletons and witches and distribute sweets to the right and left. Well, in all honesty, when comparing American and domestic sweets, for example, our Roshen or "Rot Front" give odds to all Twix and Snickers. Maybe just because the taste is familiar from childhood ????

Now domestic sweets can easily be bought all over America, and thanks to online delivery you don’t need to stand in lines or even leave your home. For example, Russian Food Direct offers ready-made sets of sweets for Halloween production Roshen, several Russian confectionery factories and the Belarusian “Kommunarki”.

Photo: Russian Food Direct

Will be delivered to any state, as well as to Canada and other countries. Sets - with sweets for every taste, so each customer can choose exactly those sweets, the taste of which he remembers and loves from childhood. The prices and sizes of the kits vary so that each client can find exactly what he needs. You can order issue on the site in a few minutes.

Photo: Russian Food Direct

readership ForumDaily can get a discount in 15% when ordering Halloween setsby using the promo code HLW-17, which is valid until October 31.

At the same time, when you give out sweets to children in Halloween, remember:

  • sweets can be given only in a wrapper;
  • children can not be invited to the house;
  • and most importantly, there is never too much candy.

Celebration traditions

The main symbol of Halloween is the so-called Jack Lamp. It is a pumpkin, in which an ominously grinning face is carved; inside the pumpkin is placed a lit candle.

For those who do not have time to dream and make up a face for a pumpkin, on the Internet you can find many ready-made templates. For example, using the resource

The process of carving the pumpkin itself is quite simple and consists of several basic steps:

1. Choose the right pumpkin

Pay attention to the absence of damage and soft or rotten spots.

2. Prepare a pumpkin for carving

To do this, make a cut around the "tail". Make sure that the hole is large enough (your fist should fit freely in it) and remove the seeds and mucus from the inside.

Glue the template to the pumpkin

Make sure the surface of the gourd is dry and stick the template on the tape. Next, take an awl or a nail and make deep holes through the paper, repeating the outline of the template (look for resources where the templates can be simply printed).

Continue to cut on the pattern on the pumpkin

Insert a special tool that looks like a large needle with a handle (never use a knife!) And cut it out slowly along the contour. At the bends, be careful.

Let light into your creation

You can use both LED lights and real candles for lighting. If using a candle, light and place it in the pumpkin for about a minute. Then look inside the pumpkin - and you will see a darkened area. Make a hole in this area to allow heat from the flame to escape. Now you can admire your pumpkin.

In addition to the Jack Lamp, the house is also decorated with sinister decorations. A huge number of such decorations on the eve of Halloween can be found in stores, but they will cost dearly. In this case, you can make simple and inexpensive decoration with your own hands.

Candle Horn

What you need:

  • green or orange plastic cups: $ 1
  • LED candles: 2 pcs for $ 1

Draw the faces on the cups, and then place them with the open end down on the burning candles.

Bloody hand prints

What you probably have:

  • Polyethylene film
  • Cutting board or smooth surface
  • Tape

What you need:

  • Food Color: $ 3,65
  • Glue bottle: $ 1

Flatten the plastic sheet and attach it to the board. Mix glue and one drop of blue food coloring, and then add red food coloring. Keep adding drops until you get the color a little lighter than what you need.

Now smear your hand in white glue and put a print on the plastic wrap. Then paint your hand the color of blood and make a print over the glue that you have already made. For better effect, shake the “blood” on the plastic wrap. Let them dry, then separate them from polyethylene and stick them to the window.

Pumpkin decor

What you probably have:

  • Glue gun

What you need:

  • Buttons: $ 1.96
  • Ribbon: $ 1
  • Mini Pumpkin: $ 2

Think over the word or design of your pumpkin, and then paste the buttons to it. Tie a ribbon on the tail for beauty.

A flock of bats

What you probably have:

  • Scissors
  • Scotch
  • Pencil

What you need:

  • Black paper: $ 2

Fold a piece of colored paper in half. Draw half a bat along the crease. Cut the bats and stick them to the wall with duct tape.

Glowing casts

What you probably have:

  • Scotch

What you need:

  • Glow sticks: $ 1
  • White balls: $ 1

Place the glow sticks inside the balloons, tie them together and draw the faces. Stick them to the wall with tape or lay them on the floor.


What you need:

  • Halloween Confetti: $ 2,61
  • Transparent soap bottle: $ 1

Just put the confetti inside the soap bottle and shake it well to mix it up. Make sure you use a clear bottle of soap to make your guests see this decoration.


What you probably have:

  • Scotch
  • Scissors

What you need:

  • Plastic spiders: $ 1
  • Yarn: $ 2,18

Make an “X” of thread and tape on your wall, and then glue the other tapes along the line, creating a web. After you are done, attach plastic spiders for effect.

Doors Mummy

What you probably have:

  • Scotch
  • Scissors
  • Paper for printer

What you need:

  • White serpentine or toilet paper: $ 1
  • Blackboard: $ 2

Cut the serpentine or toilet paper into pieces and glue them horizontally to the door, and make sure to overlap the layers and change their direction. Then cut two circles from white paper for the printer and two smaller circles from black cardboard. Attach the eyes with adhesive tape to the door.

Ghosts in the yard

What you probably have:

  • White Garbage Bags
  • Leaves
  • Rope
  • Collect the leaves in a white garbage bag and tie it. Flip and draw frightening eyes and mouth. Put them in the courtyard so they can greet passersby.

Mouse silhouettes

What you probably have:

  • Scotch
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

What you need:

  • Blackboard: $ 2

If you do not have a ladder, do not worry, the silhouettes of the mice look great on the plinths.

Draw a few mice and mouse holes on the cardboard. Cut and glue the adhesive tape to the baseboard or ladder.

Leg legs

What you probably have:

  • High-heeled shoes
  • Paper or newspaper

What you need:

  • Striped knee socks: $ 2.99

Fill the socks with paper or newspaper. Put on your shoes and place under the door mat.

Fashionable Images

Fashion for Halloween costumes is constantly changing. According to experts on costumes for this holiday on the resource Halloween costumes, in 2017, the trend will be costumes based on the acclaimed action movie “Wonder Woman” and the series “Game of Thrones”.

Children can change into a popular toy. Hatchimals.

Costumes based on "Harry Potter", "Spiderman", "Star Wars", "Winnie the Pooh" and other cult films and cartoons do not lose popularity.

Suits for every taste and wallet can be purchased online:

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