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Everything you need to know about the inauguration in 2017

Donald Trump. Photo: Twitter / TeamTrump

Donald Trump. Photo: Twitter / TeamTrump

The President’s inauguration will take place at noon local time on Friday, January 58. Major ceremonies begin in the morning at the White House, and end on a number of inaugural balls throughout Washington, DC.

The most magnificent moment - the Trump oath - will take place on a 929 square meters purpose-built area in front of the Capitol building, which can accommodate 1600 people.

Previously, the inauguration was held in the White House, but according to modern traditions, it is customary to take it outside of the legislature of the United States.

What happens on the day of the inauguration

There are 9 traditions that are regularly followed.

1. Morning Prayer. Franklin Roosevelt began this tradition in 1933. The prayer takes place in St John's Episcopal Church, across the street from the White House.

2. Two presidents join forces. The outgoing and incoming presidents meet at the White House before going to take the oath at the Capitol, where the scene for the inauguration is located.

3. Vice President takes the oath. The elected vice president, Mike Pence, will be the first to repeat the oath, which will most likely be read to him by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court at the "inaugural platform."

4. The president will be sworn in. Trump will take the oath on the Bible.

5. Inaugural message. Each president, starting with George Washington, uttered his message. The shortest one consisted of 134 words, the longest one of William Henry Harrison's 8445 words in the 1841 year.

6. Everyone says "Goodbye!" Obama. In 1977, the ex-president flew away by helicopter, but the presidents also left by train and car and flew away by plane.

7. Dinner time. As at the wedding, after the formalities of the time comes feasting. The inaugural dinner is held in the Capitol Hall and includes traditional dishes of the state where the President is from.

8. Inaugural parade. The new president takes his place on the presidential podium and oversees the festive procession - these are 8 thousand ceremonial soldiers, platforms and orchestras marching from Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House.

9. And finally, the inaugural balls. The entire high society comes alive and dresses up for balls on the occasion of the inauguration of the new president. It is not an easy burden for the president to visit most of them. In 1997, Bill Clinton set a record - visited 14, and in 2009 Obama visited 10.

How to get to the oath ceremony

Ordinary Americans can see how the president swears allegiance to his country. And the tickets for this event are free. Despite numerous offers on the Internet to buy a ticket for $2, $3, or even $5 thousand, the only legal way to get a pass is to ask him senator or congressman from the state where you live. For example, a congressman from New York Tom Reed Requests to leave a request on his website, where you need to write personal data and address. Since there are a limited number of tickets, some representatives of the Congress simply hold a lottery. Some give priority to local activists and volunteers.

How to watch

CNN, CSPAN, MSNBC and Fox usually broadcast the oath and inaugural speech on TV.

Twitter has not yet officially announced plans to broadcast the inauguration live, but you can keep up to date with the #Inauguration hashtag or after updating Trump's inaugural committee site here.

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In the U.S. inauguration Tramp
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