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Everything you need to know about presidential debates

The debates of the presidential candidates from the Republican Party were interesting and fervently. An unprecedented number of candidates participated - five people in 17: 00, ten people in prime time, in 21: 00.

The verbal duel on Fox News lasted two hours. Governors on the stage, in particular, John Kasich (Ohio) and Scott Walker (Wisconsin), praised their economic achievements, each in his own state. Texas Senator Ted Cruz has promised to abandon the deal with Iran.

Donald Trump, who, according to polls, had the highest rating among Republicans before the debate, distinguished himself at the very beginning.

The moderator asked all the participants whether they would support another candidate if in the end the party chooses not them?

Trump was the only one to say no. The audience clearly did not expect this and reacted with disapproving cries.

This was followed by a question from presenter Medzhin Kelly, who asked to comment on Trump's statements about women. Previously, in various cases, he called them dogs, pigs, sluts, and disgusting animals, writes Vox.

Trump tried to translate his sexist sayings into a joke, but failed.

Trump's harsh expressions were also made to journalists. “Reporters… They are very dishonest people, generally speaking,” Trump said.

He rebuked the Obama administration for political incompetence. “I would say that he is incompetent, but I don’t want to do this because it’s not good,” Trump said.

He very cheerfully answered the question why he financed Hillary Clinton.

I told Hillary Clinton to be at my wedding, and she came to me for the wedding. Do you know why? She had no choice. I donated money (her) to the fund, which, frankly, needed to be used for good deeds. I did not know that this money would go to private jets around the world.

Donald Trump showed himself not from the best side and lost credibility. Despite the high ratings, he has low chances to enlist the support of the party establishment.

Trump got a lot more airtime than other candidates. He spoke a total of more than eleven minutes, which is two times more than the senator from Kentucky Rand Paul - just five minutes twenty-eight seconds, calculated in The New York Times.

Among all nine candidates, only Rand Paul dared to protest Trump and engage in direct confrontation with him. The rest argued less among themselves, and more criticized the current government, Barack Obama and Democratic leader Hillary Clinton.

A lot of time during the debate was devoted to the problem of illegal migration. Trump reiterated that he was confident that Mexico specifically sent illegal immigrant criminals to the United States. As many American media and experts point out, this is absolutely wrong.

Even his party colleague Marco Rubio noted that the main stream now comes not from Mexico, but from Guatemala, or El Salvador and Honduras.

Marco Rubio added: “The United States is the most generous country in the world when it comes to migration. Million people a year legally immigrate to the United States. ”

Just as long, the Republicans discussed the blunders of US foreign policy and the lost prestige in the international arena.

Jeb Bush said that he did not approve of everything that his brother was doing. “The war in Iraq was a mistake. I would not go for it, ”said the former governor of Florida. This, perhaps, was one of his most courageous statements. The rest of the time, he avoided clashes with Trump and other candidates, and all reminded of his successes as governor of Florida.

They recalled the candidates and Putin, and Iran, and Ukraine with Russia.

“Ukraine was a nuclear power, and it gave up these weapons, expecting us to protect it, and we are not even giving them offensive weapons,” said neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

He was supported by the Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker: “I would send weapons to Ukraine. I would cooperate with NATO on the deployment of forces on the eastern border of Poland and the Baltic states and establish an anti-missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic. ”

The candidates also spoke about the Iranian nuclear deal, the right to abortion and their attitude to God. Candidates have mentioned Obamacare six times in their statements. “I personally believe, honestly and deeply, that all human life is worthy of protection, regardless of the circumstances,” said Rubio, who opposed abortion.

Mike Huckabee, who participated in the 2008 elections of the year, did not say anything noticeable. Speaking with closing remarks, Huckabee looked like a car dealer, and not like a politician seeking to the White House. “I think that America is in trouble, but so far nothing irreparable has happened,” he said, he wrote Inosmi.

According to commentators, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Ohio Governor John Kasic have performed best.

Their memorable quotes are:

“If they choose only on the basis of previous experience in the government, then Hillary Clinton will become the next president, because she has been in the office and in the government more than anyone else,” Marco Rubio answered when Chris Wallace asked why a good experience in governorship will not help to become president.


“Look, I'm an old-fashioned person and I believe in traditional marriage. But if the court made a decision ... we accept it. And what do you think? I just went to my gay friend's wedding, ”Kasic said regarding a Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage across the country.

At the same time, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker, as well as Donald Trump, could not please their supporters with any bright moments, writes BBC.

The public's pet was a black neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who was polite, charming, and good at joking. “Only I had occasion to separate Siamese twins. I only managed to remove half of the brain, although, having been in Washington, you might think that someone bypassed me, ”he said in a closing speech.

The Democratic Party announced that the first debates of its candidates will be held in Nevada in October. The CNN channel will broadcast them.

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