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Everything you need to know about Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game for smartphones.

Players using a smartphone or other mobile device equipped with GPS must “search” and “catch” small virtual Pokemon monsters in the real world, and then teach them to arrange battles with each other, writes BBC.

The peculiarity of this game is that you need to move in it, and, moreover, a lot - a gamer for success will need to walk (drive / run) several kilometers, at least. As a rule, the larger the settlement and the closer to its center, the more Pokémon there are and the higher the number of bonuses received, they write “Stuki-Dryuki".

While the game is available in the USA, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia, there it can be downloaded from the official pages on the App Store and Google Play.

Beginning of the game

First, you will be prompted to create your own Pokémon Trainer. He can choose hair color, clothes, skin color and give him a name. Next, the application will take you to the map of the game, which corresponds to the map of your city (it will be changed to the manner of the game). Three Pokemon will appear next to the trainer - you can only catch one. The game started…

Pokestop - A marked place on the map, usually a local landmark, visiting which is the main way to get items like pokéball, potion, eggs. You can earn experience from almost every activity in the game, which in turn increases the level of your character.

As soon as you reach the fifth level, you will be given the opportunity to choose the color of the Pokemon Go team: Red Team Valor, yellow Team Instinct and blue Team Mystic.

  • Yellow - players from this team know the intricacies of the appearance of Pokémon from eggs;
  • Blue - trainers from the blue faction study the subtleties of the evolution of Pokémon;
  • Red - the Pokémon of the red team are the strongest.

Each of the factions has its own characteristics. It is better to choose the team that already includes your friends and acquaintances. Together you will be easier and more fun. Important: the fraction is selected only once and it is impossible to change it in the future.

Items you can get

Go: Pokéball / Great Ball / Ultra Ball - Pokemon catching tools. The Great Balls are unlocked at level 12 and the Ultra Ball will appear at level 20. Potion / Super Potion / Hyper Potion - Potions that allow you to heal a Pokémon. Revive is a revive that helps raise Pokémon that fainted in battle. Lucky Egg - Eggs that double the experience. Razz Berries - Berries, a top-level item that can be obtained from level 8, preventing the escape of Pokémon. Egg Incubators - Incubators used to incubate eggs that may contain rare Pokémon. The Lure Module is a decoy, temporary point of use that can be applied to a pokéstop to increase the likelihood of encountering a wild Pokémon. Incense - Incense, a temporary use point that increases the likelihood of taming Wild Pokémon.

How to find and catch a pokemon

Moving around, you will meet a Pokemon next to you, you need to click on it and catch it with a pokeball - point your smartphone at it, throw a pocketball and get directly into the monster. It is unlikely that you will succeed in catching a Pokemon the first time, but after several attempts it is a must.

At the bottom right of the screen, there is a special menu with Pokémon that are nearby. Finding Pokemon in Pokemon GO is very easy by clicking on the Nearby button. The types of Pokemon you catch in Pokemon GO depend on the location. For example, in the forest you will find insect Pokemon, in the city - rat Pokemon, in the mountains - bird Pokemon. To catch rare and unique Pokemon in Pokemon GO, you need, respectively, to look for them in unusual places: on the outskirts of the city, in abandoned buildings, in the wilderness of the forest.

There are also regional pokemon, which can be found only in individual countries. But so far only three: Mr. Mime (Europe), Kangaskhan (Australia) and Farfetch'd (Asia).

How to catch Pikachu

Many people know the Pokémon universe precisely because of this yellow guy - Pikachu. And the fact that everyone is hunting him from the first minutes of playing Pokemon GO does not surprise anyone. To quickly catch Pikachu in Pokemon Go, you need to leave when at the beginning of the game you are prompted to choose one of three Pokemon. Walk 300 meters - and you should meet the cherished Pikachu. Most likely, this is not a bug, but a reference to the cartoon. In the cartoon about Pokemon, Ash (the main character is a Pokemon catcher) slept through a selection of Pokemon and was forced to take the sickest (at first glance) Pikachu.

How to improve your level

After visiting Pokestop, 50 experience points are given. For catching Pokemon - from 100 and above. In stock there are also Pokemon eggs that need to be incubated in an incubator. The incubator is powered by the player's activity - while we walk, the egg hatch. Simple Pokemon hatch from eggs through 2 km walk with the included application. Rare Pokemon - after 10 km.

How to quickly pump

The fastest way of pumping - raising the level of the coach. To do this, you need to concentrate on maximizing experience. Capturing Pokemon is the best way for beginners to pump. Looking for them on the map and throwing special balls at them.

How to quickly improve Pokemon? Pokemon are improving in two directions: simple pumping and evolution. Also in the game there are two substances that help improve Pokemon: candy (Candy) and star dust (Stardust).

With the help of candies, only the kind that is suitable for these candies is improved. Stardust can improve Pokemon of any kind. When upgrading a pokemon, its strength and health increase.

Not every pokemon can evolve, but only the elect. This improvement is more expensive, but it raises the characteristics of a fighter to a completely different level.

Power pokemon

Each type of pokemon has its strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes, seemingly stronger on paper, the pokemon loses to the weaker simply because of its counterclass.

How to fight with other players and pokemon

The entrance to the gym opens from the fifth level. If you find a free room, you're in luck. Leave your "representative" there. If the hall is captured by another player, then first of all look at the combat level of Combat Power (CP) - the defender - and compare with your Pokémon. A squad of six Pokémon is sent to attack. The strongest monsters go first. CP of your leader should be at most one and a half times less than that of the defender. Otherwise, the attack will drown. If CP is not enough, then the first fighter should be pumped. Click on it and tap Power Up, spending a certain amount of Sturdust - this will increase the Pokemon's health and endurance.

Unheard of game success

Thanks to the popularity of the game Pokemon GO, the market value of the Japanese company Nintendo, which released the application, exceeded $ 42 billion. At the same time, Nintendo outranked Sony, one of the largest manufacturers of equipment in the world, whose market value was about $ 38 billion, reports Reuters.

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