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'Everything was covered with blood, she begged to save the child': in New York, the pregnant woman was stabbed to death in the entrance

Police are looking for a man who stabbed a pregnant woman at night on Sunday at the entrance of her house in New York. The murderer inflicted several knife wounds to the victim, and then pulled her down the steps from the third to the first floor of a residential building in Queens, where he left choking with blood in attempts to call for help. The woman and her child could not be saved.

Photo: Jennifer Irigoyen - Real Estate Advisor / Facebook

35-year-old Jennifer Yrigoyen, who was five months pregnant, found about one o'clock at the entrance of her house in Queens - neighbors called 911, writes Fox News. The New York City Police Department reported that the woman had many puncture wounds to the neck and chest, as well as several in the abdomen.

An accidental witness - neighbor Maurice Roman Zerue, who heard screams for help and looked out into the corridor, saw a woman clinging her bloodied hands to the walls while the man dragged her down.

During the struggle, Yrigoyen shouted: “He has a knife! He is going to kill the child! ”, According to a neighbor. Another neighbor, named Kristin, said she heard Jennifer screaming and "how she begged to save the child," writes New York Post.

Entrance of the house of Jennifer. Photo: YouTube / CBS News screenshot

Going downstairs, Zerue found Irigoyen lying in blood, she gasped for breath and bled to death. Next to the woman was her little pug dog, whose paws were completely covered in blood.

A neighbor tried to ask the woman if she knew the attacker, but Jennifer could not speak — her blood was filling her throat. She only nodded her head and tried to wave her hand while her neighbor asked her to hold out a little more before arriving for help.

Jennifer Yrigoyen was taken to the hospital, where she was declared dead. Her child also did not survive.

The killer trail. Photo: YouTube / CBS News screenshot

Supervisor of the building Lisa Rimos told reporters that there was a lot of blood throughout the apartment of the deceased, as well as at the entrance to the building. She called the victim a “sweet girl” and a “good man”, stressing that Yrigoyen always paid her rent on time.

Police said the investigation is ongoing and no one has been arrested yet. But a law enforcement source said that detectives were looking for the boyfriend of the deceased. Eyewitnesses noticed a man in a hoodie who was running away from a crime scene.

According to her LinkedIn, Yrigoyen was a licensed Zumba instructor, a professional dancer in Latin ballroom dancing, a classical pianist who was currently selling expensive real estate.

Jennifer Yrigoyen has an 12-year-old son from a previous marriage. According to police, the father of this child is suspicious of the murder of his ex-wife.

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