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'Returning to Ukraine is more dangerous than staying in China': Ukrainian student on the situation with coronavirus

Ukraine has evacuated 49 of its citizens from Wuhan, the coronavirus epidemic center in China. But not all Ukrainians living in China are in a hurry to go home. Among them is student Tatyana Koryanova, writes DW.

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Despite the fact that student and blogger Tatyana Koryanova from Zaporozhye lives 700 kilometers from the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic in China, Wuhan, life has changed in her city during the epidemic.

Tatyana has been living in China for almost three years. With the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, she became an active blogger and reports on events in China on her Telegram channel #setaproPro China about life in the country and why she is in no hurry to leave China.

“After almost three years of living here, it is very hard mentally and physically to pack up your things and leave. I am in university and this is my last semester. Here I have to defend my thesis. My visa is valid until July, - explained Tatiana. - Another reason why I do not want to return to Ukraine is a long journey and a very high probability of getting sick. Airports and planes are a large crowd of people, I am now going around them. If I go, not only I, but all my relatives will be at risk. And I don't want this to anyone. "

In addition, the girl says that there are not so many options to leave the country.

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“We can say that there are very few options for traveling now. My university has to make an official application to extend the quarantine or start classes. I will finally decide what to do next, in March, ”said the student.

The Ukrainian says that so far none of her acquaintances have been infected.

“Recently a friend of mine had a fever. And although the coronavirus was not confirmed in the end, I was very worried at first. Because through this virus, in fact, you begin to worry more not that you will get sick yourself, but that you can infect a large number of people, '' explains Tatiana. - This is the main fear for me, although I am also afraid of getting sick. But we have been living in such circumstances for almost a month - since the beginning of the epidemic. And although now some factories, large corporations have already resumed their work, this does not apply to the spheres of education, entertainment, food. All these places were closed and are closed now. "

“As for my situation, I can safely go outside (always wearing a protective mask). We in Suchzhou now do not have any restrictions on the number of exits per day, as in Wuhan. I understand that the situation in the infected city of Wuhan is now very difficult, ”the girl complains. - Despite the fact that now in China in every city the situation is different, I understand that people can run out of patience. There is information on the Internet that in Wuhan, it seems, someone is jumping out of windows. In my city and surroundings, I see that everyone is calm. All support doctors and patients. "

There are many different videos on the Internet about the current situation in China. A girl on her Telegram channel often warns that there are many fakes among them.

“Of course, I understand and I want to warn everyone that there is a lot of fake information. For example, some videos from unknown sources, which have been circulating since the beginning of the epidemic, that people seem to be falling in queues. In most cases, these are fakes. As for the death penalty (as the maximum punishment for deliberately hiding the symptoms of coronavirus or distorting information about the patient's condition), it is true, I read this news in Chinese, says the Ukrainian. - I monitor Weibo (one of the largest social networks in China), and there I spread not very positive sentiments about the virus, because people are tired and suffering. Besides, people now have big economic problems. Many do not work. The virus could not be dealt with as quickly as desired. I hope it ends soon. Because I still believe that no one could handle this better than the Chinese. And this is also one of the reasons why I do not want to return to Ukraine. "

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On her Telegram channel, the girl writes that she does not really understand the Ukrainians protesting against the placement of fellow citizens evacuated from Wuhan at their localities.

“Please be healthy and filter information now, especially about China. Everyone wants to cash in on this information. In fact, everything is not so scary and there is no need to panic. Yes, this is an unknown virus, but such are the times that, perhaps, we all will have to live with it for a long time, ”the girl emphasizes. - And I hope that in three or five years, or even faster, it will already be like an ordinary flu, from which, by the way, people also die. But he is not a sensation. And I hope we can all get through it. As for me, yes, my life here is a very interesting experience. But if I were offered to go through it again, I would never agree. Be healthy".

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