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Possible treatment with COVID-19: 6 monkeys did not get coronavirus after administration of experimental vaccine

Six monkeys who received the experimental COVID-19 vaccine developed by the University of Oxford did not become infected with coronavirus 28 days after prolonged exposure to the virus. Writes about this Business Insider.

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The results of this study are promising, and perhaps a vaccine will be created earlier than anticipated. This vaccine is also being tested in humans. However, a working version of the vaccine for humans will not be created in a few months, even at best.

An experiment with monkeys was conducted at the end of March by scientists at the Rocky Mountain Laboratory in Hamilton (Montana).

Six rhesus monkeys received a vaccine produced by the Jenner Institute and the Oxford group of scientists. They were then exposed to high levels of coronavirus, which were known to previously cause infection in other monkeys. These monkeys, however, did not suffer and remained healthy for at least 28 days later.

On the subject: Scientists may speed up the development of a vaccine against coronavirus, but ethical issues arise

“The rhesus monkey is pretty much the closest thing to humans,” said Vincent Munster, head of viral ecology at the lab.

The Jenner Institute, part of the Oxford Group, is leading the global coronavirus vaccine race.

The vaccine given to rhesus monkeys is called hAdOx1 nCoV-19. Human trials began on Thursday, April 23, and are expected to be completed in September. The vaccine development process is lengthy, and even its creation by September will be unusually fast.

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