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Off the coast of California, a dolphin jumped out of the water and broke an American's legs.

In the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of California, the dolphin jumped out of the water and landed on a small boat, which the American family traveled.

Because of the animal's failed trick, the mother of the family, Chrissy Frickman, was injured - the dolphin fell on her legs and broke both ankles, writes The Orange County Register.

Information about the accident 21 June hit the media only in early July. It is reported that the husband and wife Dirk and Chrissie Frikman with two children were in the boat during the incident.

“The dolphin jumped out of the water, and it seemed to us that he decided to do a somersault; he probably didn’t calculate the distance. “He fell right into the boat on my wife, hitting my daughter,” the head of the family described the events.

After that, Dirk rescued his wife from under the dolphin and sent the boat to the shore. Along the way, the family would water the dolphin weighed about 160 kg with water so that it would not die from dehydration.

In the harbor Freekman with the help of the people who came to the pier freed the dolphin and released him into the water. Doctors have helped his wife, noting that the recovery will take a couple of months.

In the U.S. California Dolphins injury
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