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XNUMX Secret Airline Perks You Probably Didn't Know About

The glory days of aviation may be long behind us, but that doesn't mean it has to be a miserable process today. While there's nothing sexy about flying in a middle seat in economy class, there are some airline perks that can enhance your flying experience. Of course, some of them are reserved for business class passengers, but many are available to everyone. Edition Travel and Leisure collected eight airline bonuses that you may not have known about.

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Special check-in areas for business class passengers

If you are flying business class, you will always have access to the priority check-in counter. Frequent flyers with elite status also often create queues. But some airlines have special check-in areas reserved exclusively for business class passengers. Delta, for example, has a Delta One check-in area that has a free snack bar.

Arrivals halls for flights after red-eye flights

Even in business class, flying red-eye flights (a flight that leaves at night and arrives the next morning) is not always a pleasure. But you can brighten up your arrival a little by visiting the airline's arrivals hall to freshen up after your flight. However, not every carrier has an arrivals hall at every airport, and not every passenger has access - check with your airline before flying. One standout is the Virgin Atlantic arrivals hall at London Heathrow Airport, where travelers can shower, eat a full English breakfast and catch up on the morning news.

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Free queue for an earlier flight

Are you in a hurry to reach your destination? Try your hand at a backup flight on an earlier flight. Flying on hold means being added to the waiting list for extra seats on an earlier flight - most airlines allow you to join this queue for free. Typical conditions are that backup flights have the same destination as your journey, on the same day as your original flight, and earlier than your original journey. To find out more, please see your carrier's specific rules for standby flights.

With the permission of the captain, you can inspect the cockpit

While it is no longer possible to visit the cockpit during a flight, it can be inspected before or after it if approved by the captain. Both children and adults are welcome. Talk to a flight attendant about a possible tour, but keep in mind that there are no guarantees.

Second serving on board possible

Portions tend to be small when it comes to airplane meals, so if you're still hungry after serving, ask the flight attendant if there's any leftover food. Just be sure to ask about it after everyone on the plane has been served.

Free gifts - eye masks and slippers

Full amenity kits with moisturizing face creams, lip balm, sometimes even scented sprays are usually only available to business class passengers, but you too can ask the flight attendant for some extras such as eye masks, slippers and toothbrushes to make your travel more comfortable. They aren't always available, but it's worth asking.

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Compensation for luggage not delivered on time

Delta and Alaska Airlines offer on-time baggage delivery guarantees. If your Checked Baggage fails to be collected within 20 minutes of your flight's arrival (more precisely, when the door opens), you may be eligible to claim 2500 miles from your respective loyalty program. Alaska, for example, offers an alternative: a $25 credit for your next flight. However, there are some nuances, so check your airline's specific policies to see if you qualify and how to claim compensation.

Connections to destinations by bus or train

Through landline buses, both United and American offer service to smaller cities outside of their main centers—you can book it all on one ticket and have your luggage carried the entire way. United serves Fort Collins and Breckenridge from Denver, American serves Allentown and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Atlantic City, New Jersey, from Philadelphia. Delta is superior to its competitors. You can book train tickets across Europe along with airfare through the Delta Air + Rail program.

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