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Eight most effective mobile applications that will help you save on gas

There are many popular fuel saving apps that can help you save tons of money at gas stations. Readers Digest.

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Due to world events, fuel prices have skyrocketed to new heights, so saving money on gas can seem like an extreme sport. While Costco is known to offer the lowest fuel prices in most states, it's not always the most convenient option. This is where the best apps for finding cheap gas come in handy. They can find cheap gas near you, offer bonuses and cash back, help you plan the best routes, and more, saving you money and time.

But before heading out to fill up your tank, there are a few things you should keep in mind. For starters, the "cheapest" petrol on the app might not be the best choice.

“Before you drive 12 km to save five cents on fuel, you need to do some mental math,” says fuel economy expert Melanie Musson. – If you save five cents per gallon on 20 gallons of gasoline, you save a total of $1. And if your car has an average fuel consumption, you will spend more on fuel to cover those 12 km.”

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Another issue is related to privacy. “These apps can help you find the cheapest fuel, but your location is often tracked and shared with data brokers,” explains Sean O'Brien, founder of the Yale Law School Privacy Lab. – To avoid more invasive apps, check the app with the Exodus Privacy Scanner. You can also delete the app when you're done with it so that it no longer runs in the background."

With that in mind, these apps will make your life a lot easier and your bank account much bigger. As an added bonus, all but one of the apps are free for both Apple and Android users.


GasBuddy has been downloaded more than 90 million times, more than any other gas-finding app, and has saved drivers $3,1 billion. It covers more than 150 filling stations in North America and collects crowdsourced data daily from two to three million gas price data points, helping drivers save up to $000 per gallon at every fill-up. It's also worth signing up for a free GasBack card, as it allows you to earn and use free gas; this can save you five times more than using the app alone.

For more savings (and additional monthly fees), users can upgrade to GasBuddy Plus, which can save up to $0,40 per gallon, or GasBuddy Premium, which offers guaranteed savings of $0,20 per gallon (up to 50 gallons) per month and assistance on road. Both the updated version and the free app can also help you calculate gas costs for your trips.

  • The travel cost calculator can estimate how much you'll pay for everything from daily commuting to commuting and travel.
  • The fuel log will help you calculate the fuel consumption of your vehicle.
  • High user ratings, including an average of 4,7 stars on Apple.
  • The funds come directly from your checking account, so you cannot receive credit card rewards.
  • The app tracks your location and shares your driving habits with Allstate-owned Arity.

Gas Guru

Unlike crowdsourced petrol apps, GasGuru gets pricing information directly from the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) and not from other app users, so these numbers need to be as accurate as possible. Since GasGuru is owned by the Yellow Pages, it is also a good resource for drivers who may need other services, such as finding an auto repair shop when they are away from home.

  • You can look for other amenities at gas stations (e.g. convenience stores, ATMs, repair shops) or restaurants nearby.
  • Allows you to save your favorite fillings.
  • Users say the app sometimes crashes, gives conflicting directions, and doesn't list every station in the area.
  • Available in English only.


Mapquest is great for long trips because you can plot your entire route and find cheap gas along the way. In the browser, Mapquest offers fuel cost estimates for routes you create based on the average fuel-per-gallon vehicles configured in your account. This feature will be coming soon to the app's route planner.

Since Mapquest also offers turn-by-turn directions after finding the best route, this further helps you save money by getting to your destination more efficiently. According to Tom Melhuish, an energy expert, apps that show traffic jams, accidents, and construction delays "reduce the downtime in traffic jams that can burn a lot of gasoline." Additional features include roadside assistance, real-time traffic updates, and the ability to share your ETA.

  • Offers more route flexibility than Google Maps
  • Allows you to find COVID-19 testing resources and centers
  • Available in English, Spanish and Indonesian.
  • Users say that the app sometimes crashes while navigating.
  • The voice may be too low or too fast.


The American Automobile Association (AAA) has been around for over a century, helping to solve all sorts of driving problems that can arise. But the app's TripTik planning feature can help you save money in two very specific ways: finding the cheapest gas and helping you plan the most efficient route. AAA also offers many gas saving tips, such as take your foot off the gas pedal when decelerating and let the car coast, avoid hard accelerations, minimize air conditioning use, and drive during low traffic hours.

  • In addition to gas stations, the application shows charging stations for electric vehicles.
  • Highlights companies that offer AAA discounts.
  • Previously, TripTik was only available to those with a membership, but now it's free on the app.
  • Doesn't sort gas station listings by location or price, so users have to scroll through them.
  • Available in English only.


GetUpside is offering users up to $0,25 off every gallon of gasoline at 30 participating gas stations in 000 states. The app shows real-time savings at gas stations near you, and also offers you the possibility of cashback for gas, restaurants and groceries. And you might feel especially good about using this app as the company returns 48 percent of all revenue to sustainability initiatives like carbon offsets and food savings.

  • Refunds are made via PayPal, bank transfer or eGift Card.
  • Received an average rating of 4,8 and 4,6 stars from Apple and Android users respectively.
  • At some gas stations, you need to take pictures and save receipts in order to get a refund.
  • Available in English only.


When using Waze, owned by Google, you can search for "gasoline" and the app will show you all the gas stations closest to you, as well as a price per gallon broken down by fuel grade. Waze also helps drivers find the best route to avoid traffic jams and alerts them to traffic hazards, accidents and police actions. This information is obtained from over 130 million users.

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You'll also love the "when to leave" feature. “It collects data to show you the busiest time on your route and lets you choose the fastest time for you,” Melhuish says. “This allows you to reliably plan when you will get to your destination.”

  • Gas station filters are easy to use.
  • Offers Spotify integration.
  • Available in 51 languages.
  • Pop-up windows can be a little distracting while driving.
  • Saving on gas is not the main goal and the data is not always accurate.

Google Maps

Like Waze, Google Maps lets you search for petrol along your route, filtering it by price, brand, and distance. But Google Maps also offers an eco-friendly route, which designates the most economical option with green and white leaf. According to Google, "green routes could prevent more than a million tons of carbon emissions per year - the equivalent of removing more than 200 cars from the roads."

  • Can filter gas stations by brand, distance or price.
  • Allows users to add a fuel stop.
  • Available in 74 languages.
  • Fuel prices are not always up to date.
  • The app requires an internet connection, so it doesn't work off the beaten track.


If you are not yet a Geico customer, you may want to become one after reading this. If you buy auto insurance through Geico, you can search for gas through the Apple and Android apps that come with it, and in addition to the quick search option, the apps offer Geico Explore, an advanced augmented reality feature that uses your phone's camera to find gas stations with prices nearby. with you.

For non-Geico customers, there is a browser-based option that offers an easy option to find petrol within 40km of a zip code.

  • Shows when the price of gasoline was last updated.
  • Simple and clear to use.
  • Newest technologies.
  • When searching in a browser, you need to enter a zip code to search for cheap gasoline, which is difficult when traveling.
  • This application is only available for Geico customers and while driving, using the browser option is more difficult.

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