Havasupai Falls in Arizona to reopen to tourists after being closed since 2020

According to the Havasupai tribe, all waterfalls in Arizona, including the famous Havasupai, located on the reservation, will reopen on February 1 for permit holders. The falls have been closed to tourists since 2020 to protect against the spread of COVID-19. Writes about it Travel and Leisure. 

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According to the tribe's official travel Facebook page, at this time, only travelers impacted by the COVID-19-related closure will be able to make bookings for 2023. Reservations for 2024 will open in February 2024.

A few months ago, the area experienced severe flooding that destroyed several bridges and trails, but the tribe said it was ready to welcome visitors.

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“With limited access to meaningful healthcare, closing the reservation was the best way to keep our community safe and healthy. Since then, we have remained closed to tourists,” the tribal page says. – Although there are some fallen trees on the trails where the flood has broken through, you will see thriving flora and fauna and new streams of waterfalls. This is truly a great time to visit and please know that we look forward to returning tourists to our beautiful reservation.”

Travelers who do not yet have a permit and want to travel this year can try to make a reservation. To do this, they must create an account on the official website and check availability every day at 08:00 local time.

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With red rocks and a blue-green pool, Havasupai Falls is one of the most beautiful in the world. While floods in October changed the flow of water over the falls, the tribe reported earlier this month that the gorgeous turquoise pool is "still as blue as ever."

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