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During the quarantine, Americans began to think about suicide more often: a survey

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the mental health of Americans has deteriorated during the pandemic. Writes about it Miami Herald.

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The number of Americans contemplating suicide is skyrocketing. The survey has shown that there are many who show signs of other mental disorders. About 41% of the 5412 people surveyed in July reported "adverse mental or behavioral health conditions."

These numbers are three to four times higher than what the CDC observed at the same time last year. Mental health care and support systems are "urgently needed," according to the CDC.

Nearly 11% of US adults said they have seriously considered suicide in the past 30 days - and young people appear to be experiencing the most emotional distress of all age groups, as 25,5% of people aged 18-24 said they were thinking about suicide.

The rates are especially high among blacks (15,1%) and Hispanics (18,6%).

Suicidal thoughts were even higher among the main workers - 21,7% and those who did not receive a salary - 30,7%.

Substance abuse is also on the rise. More than 13% of Americans said they began to abuse alcohol, drugs and other drugs to cope with stress.

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According to McClatchy News, the nationwide mental health organization The Well Being Trust predicted deteriorating mental health in the country due to isolation, uncertainty and unemployment caused by COVID-19.

The pandemic, now, as well as the months or years ahead, will sow the seeds of as many as 75 “deaths of despair,” the Trust estimates.

All the trauma she inflicts, whether mental, emotional or financial, will not end in a vaccine - these problems will likely survive the pandemic for years.

Government at the federal and local levels can take action to ease despair and save lives, said Dr. Benjamin Miller.

“We can change the numbers - the deaths haven't happened yet,” Miller said.

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