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Electricity bill: how much the holiday illuminations on houses cost

After reading this article, you may think and wish to reconsider your plans for installing a festive light display, writes Reader`s Digest.

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With the advent of Thanksgiving in the United States everywhere begin to hang Christmas lights that shine until the New Year. But all this festive illumination brings not only aesthetic pleasure, but also additional monetary costs for electricity.

In 2017, Wonkblog in northern Minnesota decided to figure out how much the flickering lights really cost between Black Friday and New Year's. The basis was 45 days, 12 hours per day, provided that the price of electricity is 12 cents per kilowatt hour.

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C9 bulb, line of 25 bulbs = 15,12 dollars

Mini incandescent lamp, a line of 100 bulbs = 3,53 dollars

C9 LED, a line of 25 lamps = 0,21 dollars

Mini LEDs, line of 100 bulbs = 0,41 dollars

“It's okay, next time I will use LED lamps. What is a couple of cents? ”- you will think. But remember: this is just one line of lights - to illuminate your entire house and yard whenmuch more to spend.

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