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How much do illegal immigrants cost to taxpayers in the USA

According to the new cost report, in 10 states, where the most are the so-called refuge cities, taxpayers spend up to $ 6 per year in services for each immigrant, writes Washington examiner.

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This surge has a huge impact on small states and reduces spending on services for veterans, children and Americans with disabilities, according to a report provided exclusively by Federation for American Immigration Reform.

The report says illegal immigration costs 10 states $ 454 million.

“To put that figure in context, this $ 454 million is more than 200 times the cost of Montana for the entire veteran affairs program, and 2,5 times the total amount that West Virginia invests in its state university,” says in the report.

Illegal immigrants cost between $ 4000 and $ 6500 per year, which is higher than any tax benefit they provide.

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“In many cases, the influx of immigrants into less populated areas of the country has an even greater impact on residents than in larger and more urban areas,” said Dan Stein, President of FAIR.

“In these areas there is no tax base, no economic and social infrastructure to meet the needs of the growing number of immigrants who are settling in,” he added.

The report analyzed the following 10 states: New Hampshire, Mississippi, Alaska, Maine, North Dakota, West Virginia, South Dakota, Vermont, Montana and Wyoming.

“Many local officials advertise immigration, including illegal, as a remedy for economic stagnation. However, as this report shows, reality is exactly the opposite, ”said Stein.

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He added: “Illegal immigration, in particular, reduces wages and limits the employment opportunities for legal residents, while at the same time attracting lower-skilled workers with lower wages to these states. In turn, this increases costs for states and local governments, and also inhibits investments from companies seeking skilled labor and lower overhead costs. ”

The report immediately follows the key decision of the US Supreme Court, permitting The Trump administration is blocking entry for immigrants who may burden taxpayers.

The FAIR report also showed that asylum cities are popular with illegal immigrants, especially in smaller states where the cost of living may be lower.

Key findings from the FAIR report:

  • In each of these states, each resident had a net tax deficit of between $ 4000 and $ 6500 per year for an illegal immigrant.
  • About 10 foreigners live in these 415 states, of which about 000 (or 88%) are illegal immigrants. In addition, some 000 illegal immigrant children born in the United States live in these states.
  • Together, these illegal immigrants and their children born in the United States take about $ 10 million a year from taxpayers in 454 states for basic services such as education and healthcare.
  • Local schools are trying to provide teachers and cover the cost of tuition for 50 K-000 students classified as limited in English.
  • A growing number of shelter jurisdictions (including 29, including the entire state of Vermont), as well as a decrease in the cost of living, are a magnet for illegal immigrants.
  • A growing immigrant population competes with legal residents for jobs in economically depressed areas.

“This report highlights the fact that the negative impacts of uncontrolled mass immigration, coupled with an immigration selection process that does not select people based on individual merit, job skills and education, are now being felt in all parts of the country. Americans in every part of the country are suffering from outdated and unenforceable immigration policies, putting them at the top of voters' list of concerns heading into the 2020 election,” Stein said.

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