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In Florida, a passerby saw a huge alligator with human remains in its mouth

In a canal in Florida, people noticed a four-meter alligator with human remains in its mouth, reports Yahoo.

Photo: IStock

Jamarcus Bullard said he saw an alligator and a body in the water at 134th Avenue North, Largo, on the afternoon of Sept. 22.

“I threw a rock at the alligator just to see if it was really an alligator. He seemed to pull on the body, as if he was holding on to the lower torso, and pulled him under the water,” Jamarcus said.

Stunned, Bullard said he recorded the video on his cellphone and contacted authorities. The video shows a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer measuring the huge animal.

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The XNUMX-foot male alligator was pulled from the water and "humanely killed," the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office said in a news release. The remains of an adult were also found.

The victim was identified Sept. 23 as 41-year-old Sabrina Peckham. The cause and manner of death are being investigated.

The incident has some residents worried.

Jennifer Dean said her children often walk along the canal.

“So it’s really scary,” she said.

Bullard said he walks to and from work along the canal and will be more vigilant now.

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