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In Florida, the rules for renting housing have changed: you can not pay a deposit upon check-in

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law a hotly debated bill on June 2 that could see landlords charge renters a monthly fee instead of security deposits. Yahoo News.

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The bill (HB 133), approved by lawmakers in April, was one of 12 measures DeSantis signed into law Friday.

Under the bill, landlords will be able to offer the option of paying monthly fees in lieu of security deposits. Although this is not required.

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Tenants will decide whether to pay a commission or deposits.

As rents skyrocket in the state, supporters of the bill said it would provide an opportunity to help tenants get apartments without having to pay thousands of dollars in upfront payments.

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But opponents said the commission would not be capped and that tenants would not be able to eventually get the money back, as they could with security deposits. In addition, after the tenants leave, they can be forced to pay for apartment repairs, as opponents say.

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