In Florida, two children drowned in a swimming pool while diving: the mother is trying to find the culprits, but the investigation is not opened - ForumDaily
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In Florida, two children drowned in a swimming pool while diving: the mother is trying to find the culprits, but the investigation is not opened

Susie Dudas' two children, nine-year-old Zale and seven-year-old Saxon, went with their father to a friend's house for a swim after school. They died in the pool while playing with scuba gear, reports Independent.

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While playing, they tried to scuba dive in the pool. Their mother says the tanks contained helium instead of oxygen and they passed out in the water. Deep sea divers use a mixture of helium and oxygen.

When her ex-husband, a scuba diver, looked into the pool, he saw the children lying at the bottom and pulled them out to begin artificial respiration.

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Dudas received a call from her ex-husband and she rushed to the hospital. Attempts to resuscitate the children were unsuccessful, and Zeil and Saxon died four days later, on April 27, 2021.

“I cannot express in words my disappointment, anger and disbelief. Guilt for not being there for your children, for allowing this to happen, for helping them put on their bathing suits,” says the 46-year-old farm mother from Palm Beach, Florida.

“When I answered the phone, he wasn’t on the line, but I could hear them in the background yelling, ‘Start CPR,’” she described the moment she learned of what had happened.

“I hung up and called my friend who owned the house. I told her my kids were drowning in her pool and asked her to call 911. Then I just drove there,” Dudas said.

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“I knew, but I didn’t want to accept it - it was unrealistic. Seeing how wide my children's eyes are. They didn’t even look like themselves,” said the heartbroken mother.

There is no one to blame

In May 2022, Florida prosecutors said they would not press charges in what the children's mother called a "heartbreaking tragedy." Dudas calls for the investigation to be reopened and shares his story on social networks.

“I can confirm that our office has conducted an exhaustive review of the sheriff’s comprehensive investigation and has also reviewed additional information and materials provided by Zale and Saxon’s mother,” Florida State Attorney Thomas Bakkedahl said in a statement. “After significant legal research by my chief assistant and one of my chief criminal prosecutors, it was determined that the State cannot seek criminal charges for this heartbreakingly tragic event.” Simply put, the law and facts prohibit criminal prosecution in this case. These findings were forwarded to the Martin County Sheriff's Office and they agreed with our decision."

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"Our hearts go out to all those who loved Zale and Saxon, and while we fully understand the mother's desire for someone to be 'held accountable,' unfortunately such accountability cannot be found in the criminal justice system," he said.

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