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What is worth wearing in flight to increase your chances of rescue in the event of a plane crash

There is hardly anything more frightening than being on a crashed plane.

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In fact, there are a few simple things that you can do to increase your chances of rescue in case your plane gets into an emergency, writes CNN.

Modern aircraft are designed so that passengers can evacuate within 90 seconds. The ability to evacuate during this time increases the chances of a passenger to survive and depends on many factors, including clothing.

Aviation Security Specialist Mary Schiavo told how to dress, and what steps should be taken during the flight to increase their chances of rescue in cases of an emergency in the plane.

Comfortable shoes

Sometimes you just want to take off your shoes after boarding the plane. But Shiavo advises not to take off his shoes in flight and choose comfortable shoes in case you have to run.

After all, the plane may fall in difficult terrain, and after evacuation it will not be easy to go through this area barefoot.

Choose clothes that cover arms and legs.

Long sleeves and trousers - additional protection against burns, scratches and abrasions.

In some cases, having clothes that cover the body as much as possible can even save lives.

Don't get drunk

Losing control of oneself in flight is not the best situation, but it becomes especially dangerous during an emergency evacuation, because it makes it difficult to exit the plane not only for a drunk passenger, but also for other people following him.

Know where the exits are

According to Schiavo, the first thing to do when entering the plane is to find where the emergency exits are located, assessing which of them is closest to you.

Doing these simple things can save passengers time when evacuating in an emergency. During accidents, the survival of passengers depends on their speed, and every second saved can save lives.

The aviation industry is working to ensure that passengers have as much time as possible to evacuate in an accident, most of the cabin is made using refractory materials, but how quickly you can leave the aircraft is a very important factor in surviving an accident.

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