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Instead of federal aid for coronavirus, Indiana firefighter received $ 8,2 million

A resident of Indiana, awaiting payment of federal assistance in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, accidentally discovered $ 8,2 million in his bank account, writes Fox News.

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Indiana volunteer firefighter experienced a surprise that he will remember for a lifetime.

Charles Calvin of New Chicago, Indiana, told the local television station that in the second week of April, he withdrew $ 200 from his current account at an ATM.

He looked at his receipt and noticed a few more zeros, many more than usual. The man told reporters that the amount in his bank account was $8,2 million.

It was estimated that Calvin would receive $ 1700 in payments due to most Americans due to difficulties encountered in the country's economy due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The firefighter said he checked his card again through an ATM to make sure the data was accurate. Everything was confirmed: he suddenly turned out to be a millionaire.

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According to Calvin, he immediately called his bank to report the acquired wealth, but by the time the banking services began the investigation, there was no more money in the account.

The bank did inform him that his federal payment of $ 1700 had been sent. But the man is still wondering if the mistake was accidental or if taxpayers in the USA actually didn’t get the right amount of money.

“In a way, it sucks,” the man said. “But hey, if you’re poor, you have no other way but up.”

Calvin is not sure where to look for those to blame for his random transfer, but he is still glad that in the end he received the promised 1700 dollars.

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