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In California, indicted Russian hackers who are suspected of hacking millions of accounts. According to the official broker US Department of Justice, two defendants in the criminal case are former employees of the FSB of Russia. The charge was brought under several articles at once, including economic espionage and fraud. On various counts, defendants face threats from 2 to 20 years in prison.

According to investigators, since 2014, a group of hackers hacked more than 500 million company accounts Yahoo и Google. The list of accused 3 Russians and 1 is a Canadian citizen. This is 33-year-old Dmitry Dokuchaev, 43-year-old Igor Sushchin, 29-year-old Alex Belan, aka "Mag", 22-year-old Canadian Karim Baratov, known as "Kai".

It is known that among foreigners, hackers were primarily interested in citizens of “a country bordering Russia”. In this unnamed country, they broke into the mail of the former head of the Ministry of Economic Development, the head of a metallurgical holding, a major banker, and a “well-known business representative”. In addition, a significant portion of the hacked accounts was used to steal credit card data.

Dmitry Dokuchaev

According to the investigation, Dokuchaev worked at the Information Security Center of the FSB of Russia. He was arrested last December and charged with high treason. Some Russian media reported that Dokuchaev collaborated with the CIA, but official information about this did not appear.

Alexey Belan



The text of the prosecution notes that Aleksey Belan, who is on the international wanted list since 2012, lives in Russia - that is, he is under the jurisdiction of the FSB. However, instead of arresting him, the service decided to hire him, writes

29-year-old born in Riga Alexey Belan, who appeared on the Internet under the names Fedyunya, Magg and Abyrvaig (probably altered "abyrvalg" from Bulgakov's novel "The Heart of a Dog"), made the list of hackers that the FBI is looking for in the first place, in 2013 year. Then he was accused of having stolen the 3 database of American companies trading in the Internet and located in California and Nevada, and sold the data to millions of users. It was reported that the hacker was seen in the Maldives, in Thailand and in Greece; for his capture was awarded a reward of $ 100 thousand.

Igor Sushin



The bill of indictment mentions that Sushchin as a “harassing employee” headed the department of information security in one of the Russian investment banks.

Recall this week in the edition New York Post reported hacking pushnotifications from a newspaper application by hackers who sent a rather weird message and appealed to President Donald Trump with some instructions, reports CBS News. April 1st readers New York Post Received unusual messages. "Long live President Donald Trump." The authors of the messages presented themselves as an angel who speaks on behalf of the Lord.

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