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San Francisco authorities banned calls to 911 for racial reasons

Authorities in San Francisco, California, unanimously supported the passage of a law that makes emergency calls (911) racially motivated offenses. Details told the publication Yahoo!.

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The CAREN (Caution Against Racially and Exploitative Non-Emergencies) bill was introduced in July after police were called to a man using the Black Lives Matter stencil in front of his own home.

The incident took place in the fashionable area of ​​Pacific Heights. The skirmish took place between Lisa Alexander, her partner and James Juanillo, who inscribed the Black Lives Matter sign in front of the house.

After the conversation, Juanillo urged Alexander to call the police if they felt threatened, which they did.

“The police came, found out that I lived in this house, and left. At the same time, no one got out of the patrol car, ”Juanillo said. "I didn't even show them my ID."

Although the incident was quickly resolved and Alexander ultimately apologized, racially motivated calls to the police by white women have become a problem in recent times.

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According to a San Francisco City Council press release, “CAREN will expand the definition of protected class in San Francisco to prevent fake emergency calls with the specific intent to discriminate against or otherwise violate a person's rights based on race, color, national origin, location birth, gender, age, religion, creed, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, weight or height. "

In fact, this offense will not result in jail time or even a fine, but the victim will be able to sue in civil court for up to $ 1000 plus attorney fees.

CAREN bill co-author Matt Haney tweeted in July that "frivolous racist calls put other people at risk and waste police resources."

In letters to the supervisory board, several San Francisco residents urged them to revise the title of the bill. One woman wrote that the bill "makes her name racist."

The law got its name because the name "Karen" became a household name in the United States: this is the name of a woman who foolishly yelled at an African American in Central Park and called the police. Now this name is used if they want to describe an aggressive white woman who requires a special attitude from others.

Other cities and states in the United States have also drafted legislation to make it an offense to call emergency services for racial reasons.

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