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New York authorities are investigating Trump: what they are accused of and what threatens him

The New York prosecutor's office said investigations into possible violations in the Trump Organization "are no longer purely civilian" due to the nature of the violations. "Voice of America".

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"We are now actively investigating the activities of the Trump Organization in a criminal way, together with the District Attorney of Manhattan," said New York Attorney's Office spokeswoman Phoebienne Levy.

New York Attorney Laetitia James opened an investigation in 2019 after former US President Donald Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen said at a congressional hearing that Trump had inflated assets, received loans from banks and entered into insurance deals on better terms, but understated the value of assets for tax purposes, writes Politico.

The Manhattan attorney is conducting a separate investigation into the activities of the Trump Organization, and after a lengthy legal standoff, in February, prosecutors obtained Trump's tax documents for the past eight years.

Trump and the Trump Organization deny the allegations and describe prosecutors as politically biased.

Meanwhile, officials in Palm Beach, Florida are reportedly considering a plan of action in case Trump is indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. while in Mar-a-Lago. The Hill.

Law enforcement officials in the city are discussing how to deal with possible extradition if Trump is charged with banking and tax fraud, Politico reported.

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News reports indicate Trump's whereabouts will affect potential extradition proceedings, as Florida's extradition statute gives Gov. Ron DeSantis the opportunity to step in and determine if someone should be handed over to out-of-state law enforcement.

“The statute leaves room for interpretation that the governor has the power to order a retrial and possibly disregard the extradition notice,” Joseph Abruzzo, clerk for the Palm Beach County District Court, told Politico.

Abruzzo is reportedly a former partner of Joe Biden's younger brother, Frank, but he told the publication that "the law will be fully respected and enforced properly, without bias."

Donald Trump himself can help solve this problem. He moved to Bedminster, New Jersey for the summer due to the closing of the season in Mar-a-Lago. There, his prospects may change.

The state has the same statute as Florida, but Democrat Governor Phil Murphy is not an ardent supporter of Trump like DeSantis, and extradition may not take long.

45 President wrote about the move CNN... After spending four months at his luxury resort of Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Trump moved his base activity to a golf club in Bedminster, where he will live until early fall.

Some of Trump's employees have also relocated and are working in dedicated office space in Bedminster, but will regularly visit Trump's offices in Trump Tower in Manhattan. Bedminster is 45 miles (72,4 km) west of New York, in a pastoral New Jersey neighborhood aesthetically distant from the bustle of Trump's Fifth Avenue headquarters.

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Trump is expected to personally attend a May 22 fundraiser in Bedminster for the Make America Great Again Action Super PAC run by his longtime adviser Corey Lewandowski, a person familiar with the event told CNN.

The Bedminster fundraiser will mark Trump's first official appearance at the club this season, but according to two members who spoke to CNN, he has been spotted making unofficial rounds in the past few days, according to two members who spoke to CNN. As usual, he spent many hours playing on the 36-hole club golf course. Trump performed well enough in the tournament participants over the weekend to claim the trophy, according to one participant.

In the summer, Mar-a-Lago is usually empty, one of the club members called this time “the dead season”. This year, attendees were informed that the Mar-a-Lago Beach Club and Pool will be open until July 4th, longer than usual, but the main building, including the spa, dining and event facilities, will close in the coming weeks. Next time, members won't be able to chat until the end of October, when the winter season kicks off again with the annual Halloween party.

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Still, whether it's his private club in Florida or his private club in New Jersey - where Trump has spent more than 100 days of his presidency, according to CNN - the convenience is pretty much the same. Trump's private living quarters in Bedminster are isolated from conventional 5000-square-foot (464,5 sqm) "cottage" residential units. Trump's luxury New Jersey home next to a pool with a large balcony and panoramic golf course views is one of the few detached cottages in Bedminster reserved for close friends and family. Melania and Barron Trump are also planning to settle in Bedminster for the season once the younger Trump's school year in Palm Beach ends.

One Trump political ally said the former president's geography doesn't matter these days.

“Wherever he lives, if someone wants to see him, but they want to see him, they will come,” he said.

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