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The authorities of New York responded to the intentions of trump to deport illegal immigrants

Фото: Depositphotos

Фото: Depositphotos

New York state senators submitted a law that bans local law enforcement officers from cooperating with federal authorities, reports We are talking about the exchange of information regarding illegal immigrants. An exception will be cases involving charges of violent criminal offenses, terrorism, as well as cases of re-deportation of immigrants.

This law was a retaliatory step against the intentions of US President Donald Trump. strip New York $ 7 billions of federal funding. Recall that this is stated in the decree of Trump, signed on January 25 and providing for cuts in state funding for cities protecting illegal migrants.

New York allows illegal immigrants to use social services without having to disclose their legal status and, as a rule, does not cooperate with federal immigration authorities in matters of deportation. The city’s police also do not inform the federal authorities about the identification of illegal migrants if they have been arrested for minor crimes and released.

Some Republicans from the Senate of New York expressed a different point of view. They consider that it is necessary to refuse the help to illegal immigrants. And it is better to help those who did not violate immigration laws. However, most representatives of the Upper House are confident that after approval in the Senate, the law will no doubt be signed by the state governor.

Recall after signing by Trump decree restricting the rights of refuge citiesmayors of many of them stated that they will not carry out the decision of the president, With Miami-Dade County mayor ordered to obey Trump's order and obliged the city authorities to cooperate with the federal authorities in identifying and deportation of illegal immigrants.

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