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Sweet life: bakery owner gives an unexpected gift to graduates in Minnesota

High school graduation and the coronavirus pandemic are a tricky mix for young Americans who graduate from their last grade this year. The Minnesota bakery owner decided to support the young people by giving them over 800 graduation cakes. Fox News.


Bill Hanish, the owner of a Hanisch bakery and café, wanted to make something sweet for high school students who graduated from Red Wing this year. At first, he planned to bake and give a cake to all 220 graduates of the school. But rumors of this quickly spread, and other schools, parents, local residents, as well as business owners donated money asking them to bake cakes for their graduates.

As a result, today more than 800 decorated cakes for graduates of 2020 in 12 schools have been made at Hanisch Bakery, Hanish said.

“It started as an idea to support our alumni here at Red Wing, but the idea grew and flourished. We accept donations because 12 schools and 800 cakes is a lot of baked goods! " - he joked.

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While acknowledging that cake making was a “selfless endeavor” for employees, Hanish called the support from the local community “absolutely amazing”.

Although the times are not easy now, the baker hopes that free cakes will encourage high school students to celebrate their achievements and look forward to a bright future.

“Life is sometimes stumpy ... but it's a way to show graduates that their environment will support them now and in the future,” Hanish said.

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According to the Star Tribune, 7-inch (17-centimeter) double layer cakes usually sell for $ 28, and donations only cover the cost of supplies. The bakery will not receive any monetary gain for its work.

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