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Delicious apple cider: 7 places in Southern California where you will be treated to your favorite drink

Autumn is in the air, and many wait until the holidays to enjoy their favorite season. If your autumn pleasure program includes apple cider, then you will certainly enjoy the fact that we have compiled for you a list of the best places in Southern California where you can buy this drink.

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1. Stone Soup Farm and Heritage Orchard

Photo: googlemaps / Riley's Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard

Choose your favorite apple variety grown directly here and make your own cider to take this incredibly refreshing drink with you.

Address: 12131 Oak Glen Road, Oak Glen, CA 92399

2. Julian Cider Mill

Photo: facebook / julian cider mill

Visit the Julian Cider Mill during the fall season and you can taste fresh cider made from local apples. This happens only once a year, so do not miss the most delicious time.

Address: 2103 Main Street, Julian, CA 92036

3. Parrish pioneer ranch

Photo: googlemaps / parrish pioneer ranch

Here, apples of all varieties grown on the local Parrish Pioneer farm are used to make cider. A freshly made drink comes out simply delicious.

Address: 38561 Oak Glen Road, Oak Glen, CA 92399

4. Volcan Valley Apple Farm

Photo: facebook / volcan valley apple farm

In the town of Julian, seven varieties of apples are available to choose from on a fruit farm. For many, Volcan Valley's apple farm is a favorite place to buy a bottle of fresh cider.

Address: 1284 Julian Orchards Drive, Julian, CA 92036

5. Willowbrook apple farm

Photo: facebook / willowbrook apple farm

Willowbrook Apple Farm is a fun day trip for the whole family. Thanks to a variety of autumn events, visiting this place may soon become your favorite annual tradition.

Address: 12099 Oak Glen Road, Yucaipa, CA 92399

6. Riley's at Los Rios Rancho

Photo: googlemaps / lynn ann stephens

Take a day trip to Riley's Los Rios Rancho and have fun while picking apples and sipping a nice cold cider.

Address: 39611 Oak Glen Road, Yucaipa, CA 92399

7. Snow-line orchard

Photo: googlemaps / kaleb tapp

For over 120 years, visiting this perennial orchard has been a family tradition for many families from Southern California.

Address: 39400 Oak Glen Road, Yucaipa, CA 92399.

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