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Virtual Disney World: how to visit famous amusement parks without getting up off the couch

The YouTube channel, although not associated with Walt Disney Studios, will cheer up its fans anywhere in the world, writes USA Today.

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Since 2016 channel YouTube titled Virtual Disney World offers virtual tours with 360-degree video. They are compatible with a virtual reality headset or smartphone with a headset.

“Visit all your favorite attractions in the 360º interactive video environment. Virtual Disney World offers a complete immersion like never before, says on the page "About the program." Bring to life the sights and places you love anytime, anywhere!”

By March 28, the channel had gathered more than 48 subscribers and over 000 million views.

The channel offers tours of the attractions of Disney World, Epcot and Magic Kingdom, Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure, Universal and others.

Each video allows the viewer to make one trip. The last download, made two weeks ago, is about The Great Movie Ride.

In the upper left corner is a tool that viewers can use to navigate a tour lasting a little over 22 minutes. And although all videos are compatible with VR headsets, you can watch them on any conventional monitor.

On the subject: Royal quarantine: virtual tours of the most famous castles in Europe

Disneyland and Disney World closed indefinitely due to COVID-19

Due to the “increasingly complex crisis” due to the coronavirus pandemic, Disneyland and Disney World will remain closed “until further notice,” Walt Disney Co. reported March 27.

The decision of the company gives hope that the legendary theme parks will open by next month, as previously announced. Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood have announced that they will extend their closure until April 19.

The company's goal was to make sure that visitors to the park and employees were not exposed to the virus.

“Although there is still great uncertainty about the impact of COVID-19, the safety and well-being of our guests and our employees remains Walt Disney’s top priority, said the company. The decision was made in accordance with the guidance provided by health experts and government officials."

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