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Substance in Certain Fruits and Vegetables May Protect Against COVID-19: Study

A group of Indian scientists presented the results of a large-scale study of quercetin, a flavonoid molecule. It is found in many plants, fruits and vegetables and can be used as a drug against COVID-19. Writes about it Ukrinfrom.

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Deepu Matthew, professor of plant biotechnology and molecular biology at Kerala University of Agriculture, said quercetin could be a candidate for a promising drug against COVID-19.

The researchers note that the quercetin-based drug can be distributed along with vaccines as an enhancer or even an alternative.

Scientists performed molecular analysis using the three-dimensional structure of the ten main proteins of COVID-19 and evaluated the interaction strength of the elements that bind human cells to each of these key proteins of the coronavirus, involving quercetin.

The researchers found that quercetin interferes with the binding of the virus to human cells through the receptor binding domain (RBD) on the surface of the virus spike protein.

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Thus, quercetin manages to neutralize the coronavirus. But if the element binds to the protein of the virus, then no effect occurs. This confirms that quercetin is very effective in preventing the virus from entering human cells.

Scientists from other countries, including Ukraine, are studying quercetin.

Where is quercetin found

Red onion (20 mg / 100 g)

Onions hold the record for quercetin content. In addition, it helps reduce susceptibility to various respiratory diseases. Life hacker.

Green tea (1,69 mg / 100 g)

Green tea can be called a "quercetin elixir". Plus, it improves metabolism. Drink citrus tea to enhance the effect.

Apples (10 mg / 100 g)

Apples are a source of carbohydrates and are rich in fiber. And, of course, they also have quercetin.

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Tomatoes (0,58 mg / 100 g)

Tomatoes contain not only quercetin, but also lycopene, which protects against cancer and heart disease. These vegetables are also rich in vitamin B6 and iron: they provide the muscles with oxygen.

Berries (blueberries: 7,67 mg / 100 g; blackberries: 3,58 mg / 100 g)

Blueberry contains many vitamins, increases the speed of muscle recovery, and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Cherries (2,29 mg / 100 g)

Cherries are one of the richest foods in antioxidants. It improves performance, aids recovery, and, thanks to its high fiber content, long-term satiety and aids in weight loss.

Also, quercetin is in asparagus, pepper, buckwheat, black tea, capers and red grapes.

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