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'Return the Russian people to the path of salvation': US authorities recognized terrorist organization from Russia

The State Department’s counterterrorism coordinator, Nathan Sales, called the measure unprecedented: according to him, this is the first time in the United States that terrorists admit the supremacy of the white race, writes "RBK".

US authorities have recognized the Russian Imperial Movement (RID) organization created in Russia as terrorist, Reuters reports citing a senior official from the US Department of State.

Earlier, the State Department announced its intention to include RID in the list of terrorist organizations in the New York Times (NYT). In a conversation with the correspondent of the publication, the coordinator of the anti-terrorism department, Nathan Sales, called the measure unprecedented.

“This is the first time that the United States has recognized the supremacy of the white race as terrorists, which confirms how seriously the current administration takes this threat. We are doing something that none of our predecessors did to counter this threat, ”said Sales.

As explains ""This move is part of President Donald Trump’s administration’s campaign to fight groups advocating “white supremacy” in the US and abroad. At the moment, it is the extremists of the nationalist and neo-Nazi persuasion - the main goal of the American intelligence services.

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The reason for ranking RID as terrorist groups was the contact of nationalists with extremists from Sweden. In 2017, three Swedes were convicted of preparing a terrorist attack against refugees. Two of them allegedly went to St. Petersburg, where they were trained in a special camp organized by the RID: it is assumed that they spent 11 days there and received some fighting skills.

In addition, RID allegedly involved in sending volunteers to the Donbass who wanted to fight on the side of local terrorists against the Ukrainian state. The Russian authorities, according to The New York Times, did not sponsor the movement, but did not interfere with its activities.

According to NYT, the inclusion of RID in the list of terrorist organizations will be followed by a decision by the U.S. Treasury Department to block all organization assets in the country and a ban on Americans from conducting any transactions with its representatives, and RID members may be denied entry to the United States.

On the Online RID, it is called a Russian Orthodox national-patriotic and monarchist organization, and its main tasks are “to protect traditional Russian values, support political, spiritual and cultural Russian expansion, fight against Russophobia, illegal immigration, church heresies and schisms, as well as active propaganda of Russian Christianity. nationalism ”.

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The organization’s manifest, published on its official website, reads as follows:

“Our task is to put an end to the time of troubles which has been lasting for more than 100 years, it is necessary to return the Russian people to their Motherland, and to Russia independence. Only we can restore legal, historical and national power in Russia and return the Russian people to the path of salvation, from which the demonic forces of communism and liberalism tried to lead them away. "

The newspaper, published by the movement, is recognized as extremist material, and the organization's official website is blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation. According to the information presented on it, RID does not recognize the October coup, stands on monarchist, conservative and religious positions, opposes illegal immigration, for small business, a strong foreign policy and the reunification of "the three branches of the Russian people - Great Russians, Little Russians (Ukrainians) and Belarusians" ...

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