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Venus with a surprise: how quarantine 'affects' even a distant planet

Have you ever wondered if there is any benefit from quarantine or is this one complete loss?

Photo by the author

In mid-May 2020, when the worldwide quarantine due to COVID-19 was still ongoing, I decided to take a walk in the fresh air before going to bed.

A small, cozy town on Long Island, close to New York. The air is clean and invigorating. On the streets - nobody. Only some residents of the houses put garbage cans near the road so that in the morning a special service will pick up their contents.

Thoughts were spinning in an unhurried course, I enjoyed the night silence and peace. Dark houses, trees, flowering and fragrant bushes of lilac appeared to the look. And above is a cloudless sky.

At some point, I looked up and saw a bright, luminous object. In a completely clear, moonless sky, without a single star. What could it be? The first thought is an unidentified object. Finally, I personally saw something alien! But why would he need a small, inconspicuous town in New York State?

Photo by the author

I took a closer look at the object and noticed a distinct bright tail. No, this is not a UFO, this is a comet!

Very strange comet. Once upon a time I saw a real comet in the sky, everyone talked about it then, and it had a long, blurry tail. But my current "comet" looked completely different. Yes, she had a tail, but very bright and not at all vague.

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Common sense said that, most likely, I'm wrong, this is not a UFO and not a comet. Venus should be in this place. Just at such a time, it can stand out clearly in the night sky. But does Venus have a tail?

And then I remembered that, in fact, Venus really has a “tail”, which is called a “sickle”. But it's hard to see it even with binoculars! It is believed that only people with perfect vision can see the sickle at Venus with the naked eye. But, I assure you, even people with perfect vision do not see it. And I, like everyone else, looking at the evening star, had never noticed any sickle before.

Photo by the author

By the way, for the first time, Galileo noticed the sickle near Venus when he looked at her through a makeshift telescope. The planet turned out to be like the moon. Observing the phase change at Venus, Galileo was able to prove that the planet revolves around the Sun, and not around the Earth.

What happened now? Why did I suddenly clearly see the venus of the crescent? Has the ecology improved so much during the global pandemic that the invisible has become visible? I had to read articles about the appearance of rare animals in parks during universal quarantine, and the purification of nature. Does this really work, and the pandemic that has bothered everyone brings its “pure fruits”? And even distant planets show their hidden features, such as Venus, its crescent.

When I saw the “tailed planet”, of course, I immediately pulled out my phone and started clicking on a celestial phenomenon. However, alas, the camera could not catch what I saw. But the sight of a lone star in the sky is still beautiful, even in the pictures.

Photo by the author

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