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Great Journey: You can take a pole-to-pole cruise with stops on 5 continents

What are your plans for 2025? If you have 133 days to spare, then this new world cruise is just right for you. Holland America Line has just announced a new 133-day epic voyage starting January 25, 2025 on the Volendam. The liner will go to destinations from Antarctica to the Arctic. The edition told in more detail Travel and Leisure.

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The great pole-to-pole journey begins and ends in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, calling at 68 ports in 28 countries on five continents. The journey will begin south along the Panama Canal and then down the west coast of South America. From there, the ship will sail around Antarctica for four days (although there will be no land excursions - only scenic sailing).

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Next is a transatlantic crossing to Africa, followed by a journey north to Europe, eventually crossing the Arctic Circle off the coast of Norway. Then there will be a return transatlantic crossing through Iceland and Greenland, as well as a trip along the east coast and a return to Fort Lauderdale.

The itinerary includes overnight stays in several ports: Fuerte Amador, Panama; Callao, Peru; Buenos Aires; Rio de Janeiro; Barcelona; Lisbon; Reykjavik.

“This trip has been carefully planned to ensure that we visit our destinations when the weather is favorable. We have included places that are in demand such as the Amazon River, Greenland and Iceland in addition to Antarctica and the Arctic,” said Paul Grigsby, vice president of deployment and route planning for Holland America Line.

Simultaneously with this north-south cruise, Holland America will embark on an east-west cruise.

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“We created two flights for unforgettable moments, even timed the two flights to meet and share an overnight stay in Barcelona,” Grigsby explained.

Holland America has yet to announce pricing for the two Grand Voyages, but those who book early can get perks like free Wi-Fi and a $500 airfare credit. Interested persons may call the cruise line reservations department at 1-800-522-3399 for more information.

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