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Leading medical journal criticized for describing women as 'bodies with vaginas'

The Lancet Abolishes Women: Leading medical journal issues "dehumanizing" and "sexist" cover pages, describing women as "bodies with vaginas" to appease the trans lobby, reports Daily Mail.

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The Lancet described women as "bodies with vaginas" on the front page. The science magazine was accused of sexism and inhumanity towards women after editors used a term that was coined in a cover article entitled “Periods on Display” in an attempt to get the attention of transgender people.

An article published on September 1 examines an exhibition on the taboos and history of menstruation in the museum vaginas in London, and the author uses the word "women" but also uses the term "bodies with vaginas".

The quote, which was then used on the front page of the magazine, read: "Historically, the anatomy and physiology of bodies with vaginas were ignored."

However, the attempt to place the quote on the cover of the magazine was met with criticism, with some scholars calling it "offensive" and "erroneous desire to awaken."

Others, meanwhile, said they had canceled their subscription to a peer-reviewed medical journal founded in 1823.

Dr. Madeleine Ni Dhalai, a therapist, tweeted: “Calling women 'bodies with vaginas' is low, and it all comes down to the misguided search for an overly progressive solution.

“You can be inclusive without being offensive. How dare you humiliate us with such a statement? "

While Professor David Curtis, Emeritus Professor of Genetics at University College London, said, “Just wrote the Lancet to exclude me from their list of statistical reviewers, cancel my subscription and never contact me again with any questions. Absolutely unforgivable language for women and girls. "

Elsewhere, feminist Claire Heuchan wrote: “This formulation sounds like a coincidence, medicine has ignored 'bodies with vaginas' as if they were not a product of female discrimination and oppression.

Medical misogyny exists - and refusing to admit it reinforces it. "

“Until [The Lancet starts] writing about 'bodies with penises', dehumanizing and ignoring male-specific research, I will call it what it is: sexism. "

Earlier this year, critics criticized the NHS Trust at University Hospitals in Brighton and Sussex for advising staff to use terms such as "women in labor" and "human milk" rather than "mother" and "breast milk."

Other changes included replacing the word "woman" with the phrase "woman or human" and the word "father" with "parent", "co-parent" or "second biological parent", as the case may be.

The University of Brighton and Sussex Hospital Foundation was the first in the country to officially implement such a radical overhaul of its maternity ward, which will now be called "perinatal services."

Writer and screenwriter Dougie Brimson and Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard were among the critics who condemned the new terminology.

Mr. Brimson tweeted: "Breastfeeding" and "human milk" ... Someone in this fund, no doubt, gets a fortune for coming up with such sheer nonsense. Think about it the next time you whine about #NHS being underfunded. "

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Last year, Tedx London, a volunteer-led organization that regularly hosts TED-style events, was heavily criticized after replacing the word "woman" with "womxn."

The organization used the term in social media posts announcing an upcoming program of fall events and later stated that the word was used because it was "more inclusive and progressive."

However, this decision prompted a number of negative comments: critics said that abandoning the term "woman" was "misogyny."

It is believed that this phrase was originally coined by radical feminists who wanted to use a term for women that was not defined by the word "men." More recently, it has been used as a term that includes non-cis-gender women.

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In the same year, the law firm Clifford Chance said it was removing all references to "she" and "he" from its legal documents in favor of "they."

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