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Eternal life for $ 28: the man decided to freeze himself and his family in liquid nitrogen after death

Dennis James Kowalski, a 54-year-old Milwaukee resident and president of the Cryonics Institute, and his family are going to pay $28 each to freeze their bodies in tanks of liquid nitrogen after death. They hope to wake up in the future Insider.

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Kowalski first learned about cryonics on TV when he was a young child in the 1970s. Cryonics is the practice of preserving a person at very low temperatures after they have officially died, in the hope that one day in the future they can be revived.

“It really hit me, and after reading a few books and doing some research, I thought, Why not be frozen instead of buried or cremated?” Kowalski says.

Impossible to know for sure if it will work

100 years ago, technology was not advanced enough to give a chance for eternal life. The heart stopped working, and the person died, as Kowalski argues. “But over the years, we have learned that it is possible to manually force someone's heart to work with cardiopulmonary resuscitation or cardiac defibrillation. What was once impossible is now commonplace,” he says.

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Kowalski's intuition tells him that in 100 years people may have the technology to "revive" someone. But no one knows the future, and it's impossible to know for sure, as he says.

“You don’t lose anything by keeping your body after death, but you potentially gain everything,” says Kowalski.

The family took part in the program

More than 10 years ago, Kowalski was elected president of the Cryonics Institute. Since then, this is what he devotes his time to. “This is my lifeline for me and my family, so why don't I make it as real as possible?” he says.

His wife and three children are not as involved with the Cryonics Institute, but they are registered like any other client. Kowalski had a conversation with them about it, and they understand it. They agree that the chance to wake up, however small, is worth it. They are also quite optimistic about the future, as the man says.

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“My mom says she's old school. She said the concept of preservation was too “unusual” for her and made me promise that I would fulfill her wish to be buried next to my father,” Kowalski says. “I respect the last wish of a man. But I wanted her to fulfill my wishes too.”

see the future

Kowalski's choice to keep his body is not based on fear of death. “This is the love of life that I accept. Then you add the aspect of getting a chance to see how cool things could be in the future and my curiosity gets the better of me,” he says. “I would like to see the future. This takes me back to my childhood. I wanted to believe in Santa Claus, I wanted to believe in all these things, but then I realized that they were all fairy tales.”

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Real science is even more magical when given a chance, as Kowalski says. He calls himself a dreamer, but also a realist. “I understand that this might not work, but it’s worth a try, isn’t it?” he says.

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