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'It is important to hide the last candy': funny stories of a Ukrainian woman about 'mothers' everyday life in the USA conquered the Internet

Katerina Borel, a 4-year-old blogger from the Rivne region (Ukraine), also known as Katya Blestka, speaks with optimism and self-irony about her life in the USA and the upbringing of 32 sons. Read more about her in the video. "Voices of America".

Katerina began her blog less than two years ago with a post about children's snot and how parents react to them in panic.

“I've always loved to write, I'm good at it,” says Katerina.

Since then, posts and short videos have begun to appear on the blog about mothers' everyday life and the peculiarities of parenting in the United States. She now has 200 subscribers and is preparing her first book for publication.

Ekaterina moved to the USA 8 years ago. Already having a son from her first marriage, she married the American Eliot. Readers often ask how they managed to build a relationship.

“We need to be patient. And give you the opportunity to build relationships. Do not meddle when they resolve any conflicts with each other. When I now see how they communicate with each other, how Artyom loves him, how Eliot loves him. And this by the way in no way devalues ​​his father, who is in Ukraine, he takes an active part in the life of his son, ”said Kateryna.

Children with disabilities, same-sex marriage, vasectomy - Katerina brings up a variety of topics that cause significant resonance.

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“People don't like it when I say that I let them be who they are. This applies to anything - sexual orientation, career choice. My children do not belong to me, they did not ask for this world, it was my conscious choice to give birth to them, - said Katerina. - And my task as a mother is to send them into the world in time, because it is beautiful. I have no right to bind them with my love. "

Lviv woman Olesya Malyovana lives in Sweden, brings up her daughter and helps her parents to establish children's sleep. She supports this philosophy and knows from her own experience that Ukrainian women sometimes need to hear that children should not meet their ideas about the ideal.

“Some bloggers broadcast only the good, positive side, it's very cool and I really like it,” says Elena. - But they hide the other side that every person has, it really builds unrealistic expectations. And Katerina breaks stereotypes. She tells the women that they don't have to clean up after everyone. You are not a servant. And it really is. "

“She promotes putting yourself first. I like how she approaches motherhood in general with self-sarcasm, - emphasizes Elena. - She does not dissolve in children. She broadcasts her personality. "

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Mom's good mood is more important than perfect cleanliness in the house, and the husband and older children can take care of themselves, Katerina convinces her subscribers and encourages herself to love herself first of all.

“Our mentality is based on love“ to gnaw on oneself, ”which will be inconvenient to be happy in front of people, a Ukrainian woman must suffer for some reason,” says Kateryna. - It's all really just in our head. This must be fought in oneself. You are alone. You cannot give when you yourself are empty, when you yourself need it. "

“They give birth to children in order to fill the hole in themselves, so that there is something to live for. And you can't do that, '' the blogger emphasizes. - You need to give birth to children when you have so much of that love, including for yourself, that you need to share it. It is very important to eat the last candy or hide it, and I am absolutely not ashamed to say it. I am a living person and my life will not begin when my sons grow up, it already exists. "

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