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Documents and data: what to prepare for hospitalization due to coronavirus

The uncertainty surrounding the 2019-nCoV coronavirus theme is forcing people to make unusual preparations, including storing everything they can: from hand sanitizer to toilet paper (although not everyone can explain why it is needed in an epidemic). But in fact, in the case of hospitalization for coronavirus, something else needs to be done, writes Fox Business. Remember that if you forgot or did not have time to draw up something, whether it be a will, power of attorney or a statement, then it is not necessary to wait for better times. You can apply for documents here and now by calling a notary public at home or at the hospital. Karina Duvall, Russian lawyer and notary public licensed in New York, will draw up any documents for you - at home, in the office, or in the hospital; will affix an apostille and send documents to any address indicated by you.

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This is especially important if you or your loved ones are older than 50, or someone close to you lives in another city, state or country. Future File, an emergency information gathering organization, proposes to collect the following data and documents.

Medical information

Health information is critical - make sure you compile and provide easy access to your medical history, regular medications, and other important data and attributes related to your health.

If you find yourself in a hospital, this will help you quickly and efficiently receive appropriate treatment without delay due to lack of access to this information.

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Juristic documents

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Google’s search statistics on how to make a will show the highest numbers ever. Yes, you must have a formalized last will, you and your loved ones must have power of attorney issued for medical care and property, if you need a loved one to make a decision for you on these issues.

A power of attorney is also important if you have adult children (students in college or living separately); otherwise, you will not be given access to their medical information or you will not be able to make decisions about the treatment of your children.

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Personal accounts and accounts

It is important to collect a list of personal accounts and accounts, as well as transfer access to them to an authorized person in case you find yourself in quarantine and daily activities and this data are not available to you. Make sure they also have access to key and alarm codes for your home and office. Perhaps in the event of hospitalization, you will need a person who can water the plants and feed the pets in your home, or gain access to work files.

Remember, no one ever regretted preparing too carefully for an emergency.

Quarantine is a great time to tidy up your documents

Many worry because of self-isolation and forced stay at home, not knowing what to do. In fact, this is a good reason to check your affairs and organize archives. You may suddenly find that you are missing something: a birth certificate, marriage certificate or divorce. Using the forced downtime, you can recover lost documents, issue a power of attorney to dispose of the premises, arrange transfers and affidavits.

Despite the fact that communication between the countries is limited, and in some cases it is completely stopped, this does not stop the document flow. You can still contact a notary, including calling him at home to draw up an application, power of attorney, testament, apostille, draw up a notarized translation of official documents, use the post office - in general, put things in order. AND U.S. licensed notary Carina Duval ready to help with this. Realizing the complexity of the situation, she did not stop working to help everyone who had a need to deal with their documents.

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