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Washington terrorizes serial killer cats

On Saturday night, Katie Harrigan fed and combed Harley, a deaf 20-year-old tabby cat that had been cared for over the past two years. Leaving the cat in the cat's house with a heated courtyard, which she specially built for him, the hostess went to bed. Waking up the next morning, she did not find Harley, who usually waited for her at the door.

3 August Ollie was found strangled and tortured to death. Photo: Pasado's Safe Haven

It took a long time before the police brought the bad news. Harley was found dead and disfigured on a neighbor's lawn. Tabbi's death was the seventh in a series of killing cats in recent months. Thurston County officials are confident: a serial killer is working, writes The Washington Post.

Erica Johnson, an animal abuse investigator, told reporters that in each case, the animal was opened with a scalpel and his spine was removed. Then the cat's body was intentionally thrown to where people would have found it. In addition to Olympia, where they found the body of Harley, several mutilated corpses of animals were found in Lacey and Tamwater.

Photo: Twitter

In July, another cat's body, cut in two, was found in a public park in Port Angeles, 200 kilometers from Olympia. Debbie Drake identified him as her cat Tarot.

“He was a friend not only to other cats, but also to dogs,” the woman wrote on Facebook. “I like to think he was like a sheriff cat. He looked after his territory and spent time with his squad. "

The nature of the damage to the bodies of cats is so identical that death is hardly accidental, says investigator Johnson. And in one case, a surgical glove was found next to the cat's body.

"It is not normal. This is totally sick behavior, ”Johnson said.

Photo: Twitter

Less than 48 hours after Harley's body was found in Olympia, a dead cat named Ollie was found a mile away from him (the first photo).

“Ollie fought for her life, she tried to escape with her claws,” says the investigator.

An autopsy revealed that the cat was stifled before cutting its back and removing the spine. Investigators are working on finding traces of DNA under her claws to use to identify the killer of the animal.

Investigators say Kelly was deliberately murdered by a man. Photo: Thurston County

Locals fear that the suspect in the murder of cats can be dangerous for people.

Kelly, the cat of Patrick and Angie Swan, was found tortured in early July after she disappeared. The owners at first thought that a car hit her, a predatory animal, such as a coyote or a raccoon, was bitten to death. But investigators said it was a man.

“If you do this to cats, what next?” Asks the owner Kelly.

Residents are asked to keep cats in the premises. For information about a suspected serial killer that would lead to his arrest and conviction, the organization for combating cruelty to animals Safe Haven from Pasado offered 3000 dollars.

Photo: Twitter

Over the past few years, several cases of serial cruel murders of cats have been recorded in different cities of the country. In 2016 in San Jose, a man pleaded guilty to 21 cases of torture and death of cats. In January, a similar thing happened in the UK: a Londoner was arrested after confessing to beheading five cats - he deliberately left the bodies of animals “where their owners or other people” were supposed to find them.

In 2016, the Washington Post reported that Karin Brulliard from Washington Post reported that several districts across the country register animal abusers as well as sex offenders. Their names, addresses and photographs are published on publicly accessible and publicly accessible websites.

In Washington state, the maximum sentence of imprisonment for a first offense of this kind is five years. The convict can also be ordered to pay a maximum fine of 10 000 US dollars. In 2015, Governor Jay Insley signed a bill that increased the punishment for those convicted of killing or stealing pets.

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