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Southern California has a city that turns into a winter wonderland every year.

If you dream of snowy trees, fresh falling snow and its crunch under your feet, then you might want to pack your car and find this unexpected winter wonderland right here in Southern California. Only in Your State.

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Located in the heart of the San Bernardino National Forest in Southern California, Big Bear Lake is a picturesque winter wonderland at this time of year.

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Before setting off on a journey through the snow, make sure you are ready for the trip. Road conditions can be difficult, so take a few chains for a safe ride.

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When you arrive, you will be blinded by this snow-covered city with its beautiful lake, which glistens in the sun.

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As you stroll through the alleys covered in fresh powder and wander through the snowy forest, you may have to pinch yourself because it is hard to believe that you are still in SoCal.

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To enjoy winter more, you can even go to Bear Mountain in Big Bear Lake to enjoy all your favorite winter activities.

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From any point the view is simply impressive, especially on a clear day when the sun is shining.

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So do not forget to take your skis and go to one of the tracks in Big Bear Lake to spend an unforgettable winter walk. It will be just magical!

The city of Big Bear Lake is not only beautiful, but also very easy to reach. Located just a short drive from all major cities in Southern California.

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