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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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In Ukraine, a monument to the victims of the Holocaust was desecrated and threatened Zelensky

Unknown people in the village of Bogdanovka in the Nikolaev region of Ukraine desecrated a monument to the victims of the Holocaust, and also left a note with threats to the country's president Vladimir Zelensky. The director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, Eduard Dolinsky, said this on his Facebook page. The incident was also reported by the publication "TASS».

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He posted some photos from the scene. The pictures show that in the center of the memorial, which is a large stone, unknown people painted several swastikas. The note was attached on a pedestal.

“At the crime scene, they left a note mentioning Zelensky, ex-Minister of Transport of Ukraine Yevgeny Chervonenko and me,” Dolinsky said.

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At the same time, he cited the text of the note, in which, in addition to insults to the indicated persons, there is also a call not to sell the land of Ukraine and the threat that such a move “will quickly lead to the Holocaust”.

In February 2019 of the year in Ukraine, a law came into force to extend the ban on the sale of agricultural land until 2020. At the same time, in early September, Zelensky ordered the Verkhovna Rada to adopt a bill by December 1 on lifting the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land and creating its market in the country.

It is also worth noting that over the past month the monument in Bogdanovka is the second memorial desecrated in the Nikolaev region. At the end of August, this also happened in the village of Vradievka: then the swastika images and obscene inscription were left on the monument.

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In April 2018, unknown people in Poltava desecrated the monument to the Sorrowing Mother and the monument to the victims of Nazism. Then the vandals inflicted anti-Semitic slogans and a Nazi salute on the memorial. Subsequently, the insulting inscriptions were painted over.

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