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Hundreds of illegal immigrants die when crossing the US border: who they are and how they establish their identities

For many illegal immigrants who have managed to cross the Mexican border with the United States, the deadliest and most dangerous part of their journey is still ahead, writes Fox News.

Photo: video screenshot Fox News

In southeastern Texas, there is only one road leading into the interior of the United States, Highway 281, which stretches over 1800 miles (2 km) from Mexico to Canada.

However, just 80 miles (128 km) from the US-Mexican border, there is a border patrol checkpoint in Falfurria, Texas. This is the last line of border protection, which, at the risk of their lives, they are trying to circumvent.

“So many people have died trying to bypass what they call the death corridor,” Lara Logan told Fox News.

“They are overcome by the heat and unforgiving terrain. Most of them were never found. Bones and bodies are scattered across Brooks County, where Sheriff Benny Martinez is in charge, ”she continued.

On the subject: Immigrants die en masse after illegal border crossing

Martinez is 63 years old, and he lived all his life in Falfurria, whose population is 7300 people.

“It's a nice little town where everyone does their best,” he told Logan as they drove past the small community.

Martinez showed private homes where illegal immigrants, drugs, and other illegal substances were often found.

Falfurria is 70 miles from the US-Mexican border, which puts him directly in the path of illegal immigrants trying to enter the United States.

"Why are the bodies of illegal immigrants found here so often?" Logan asked.

“They are not ready to travel,” Martinez replied.

“They are kept in hiding places at home for many days, despite the fact that there is not enough water, not enough food. In summer, the heat index rises to 110-115 Fahrenheit (43-46 degrees Celsius). Even if it's midnight, it will still be hot. So they're just not ready, ”he added.

Martinez estimates that since 2009, some 3400 illegal immigrants have died in attempts to cross his county.

On the subject: Illegal immigrants without a criminal record - a target for migration officers

There is no forensic expert, no morgue, no police officer on duty. When they find the body, they call only one person - Sheriff Benny.

Martinez and one of the officers piled magazines on their desk, one on top of the other. Each of them contains information detailing the recovery of the human remains of suspected illegal immigrants in its jurisdiction.

Altogether, he recorded 673 deaths, but calculated that five more bodies were not found.

Marks where the bodies were found. Photo: Fox News video screenshot

“That means you won't find most of the bodies. Then it turns out that the cemetery? " Logan asked.

“Yes, you can call that and use this term, because they will no longer be found,” he admitted.

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