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In Tennessee, there was a massive shooting at school: there are casualties

Several people, including a police officer, suffered gunshot wounds at a high school in Knoxville, eastern Tennessee, writes ABC57.

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Knoxville Police Department officials tweeted that authorities were at the scene of the Austin East Magnet High School shooting on Monday, April 12.

An online post said that among the casualties was a Knoxville police officer. The condition of the victims, as well as whether there are victims, is not reported.

The police urged people to avoid the area.

Details remain sketchy, and news outlets have revealed that numerous police cars and ambulances are present at the scene.

The Knox County Sheriff's Office said there was no active threat to the population, and the county superintendent said the school was under security. CBS News.

“I'm approaching the scene, all I can say is pray,” Vice Mayor Gwen Mackenzie told CBS affiliate WVLT.

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According to Superintendent Bob Thomas, the students who were not involved in the incident were released to their families.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • There have been several massacres in the United States over the past month. On March 17, eight people, including six women from Asian countries, were shot in a series of attacks for three spas in the USA in the state of Georgia. A 21-year-old suspect in all three attacks has been detained.
  • Ten people, including a policeman, were killed on March 22 after an armed criminal opened fire in a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado.
  • According to court documents, the shooter who killed ten people in a supermarket in Colorado, Ahmad Al Alivi Alyssa acquired a weapon shortly after the judge lifted the previous ban on its sale in the city of Boulder.
  • Four people, including a child, were killed by shelling office complex in Orange (California). The incident took place on March 31st.
  • According to the charges, the two brothers shot four family members at their home in Texas before killing themselves, in a horrific crime they had planned months before.

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