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In tablets and liquid: how to take the medicines you need on the plane and avoid problems during security

For the most part, air travel is about fixing one nuisance after another. But there is something you need to know to make at least some parts of the process a little faster. For example, the rules for passing prescription drugs through checkpoints, reports life hacker.

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Here's what to remember when packing and traveling.

How to travel with prescription drugs in carry-on baggage

Not only is it possible to travel with prescription drugs in carry-on luggage, this is recommended (in case you need immediate access to them). In fact, TSA rules state that travelers are allowed to import their drugs in pill or solid form “in unlimited quantities” while they are being screened. And if you are traveling with liquid medicines, you are not required to inform (or show) a TSA officer that there are prescriptions in your carry-on baggage.

Like everything else in your carry-on baggage, prescription drugs are checked using X-rays. But if you don't want your medication to be X-rayed, you can request a visual examination - just remember to do this before your bag is on the tape.

How to travel with liquid medicines

If you are carrying prescription drugs in liquid form, you are allowed to take them with you in your carry-on baggage, even if they exceed the normally allowed 800-1000ml (and provided that this is a “reasonable amount”). The same rules apply for the nitroglycerin spray. Plus, you don't have to put liquid recipes in your bag.

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The main difference is that you need to inform the TSA officer that you are traveling with a prescription liquid medicine at the beginning of the screening process. Also be aware that liquid medicine will be subject to additional testing, including asking you to open the container.

Do prescription drugs have to be in their original vials?

While the TSA itself does not require passengers to travel with prescription drugs in the original bottles, some states do.

Be sure to check the rules of any state you are traveling to, from or through which you are traveling, and take the necessary steps to comply with them.

But beyond the rules, clinical pharmacist Daniel Tavia, PharmD, recommends keeping all prescriptions in a medication bottle when traveling.

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“The original container has a description of the pill, the quantity, date of intake, your address and full name, so it will be known that it is not a fake,” Tavia said.

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