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In the US, earned the world's first network 5G

American provider Verizon has launched the world's first commercial network of the new generation 5G. This 1 October reported the press service of the company.

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The network of new generation earned in some areas of Houston (Texas), Indianapolis (Indiana), Los Angeles (California) and Sacramento (California). The first user of 5G was a resident of Houston Clayton Harris, writes Rtvi.

Now Verizon offers only home Internet 5G, but when the number of towers increases, mobile access points will also be available. The first three months of service will be free, and then the monthly subscription fee will range from $ 50 (for existing Verizon customers) to $ 70 (for new users). This price includes rent and free upgrade of the router, Apple TV 4K or Google Chromecast, as well as a three-month subscription to YouTube TV.

During the Olympics in Pkhenchkhane, the Korean provider conducted a test launch of 5G networks. It is expected that the commercial launch will take place at the beginning of 2019. Prior to this, the launch of the world's first commercial networks 5G was announced by Qatar and Finland providers. Despite this, their sites still cannot acquire access points that operate in the new standards.

There are no fifth generation smartphones on the market yet. Such devices have announced LG, OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Lenovo and other manufacturers.

The first commercial network of the fourth generation (4G) launched in 2006 year in Seoul. And in 2001, 3G networks appeared in Japan.

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